[D-G] urban questions of sculptures and landscape outside politics

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Sat Jun 20 05:03:01 PDT 2020

Thank You for your answer which brings us about how you live the new red

I do not expect Society and even collectivities such as Museums and
Commissions to set their influence upon the Art as executed by artists, yet
this is precisely what happens since the neolithic dawn of art

to escape from this situation, there was the invention wherein comes the
sense of an "avant-garde" and of "manifes_toes" which existed mainly at the
end of the 19th century and in early 20th century. until stopped "oulipo"
and "fluxus" then it all stopped, there was May68
(with the exception of some fields in music somewhat, strange attractors
fuzzy clouds like LSD Hippie, New Wave, Jazz-Punk etc)
May-be the artists have at this point lost all sense of independence from
May-Be that the Vision, in art, has been absorbed so much within the
Audience, within the Public.
because there ain't no more aesthetical subjectivity like there was before;
and the POP message has taken over everything in Art since 1968, and the
isolated artist feels the Shame of her own aesthetical independency!
( i have my self lived this tremendously during my artistic studies in La
Cambre )
and that there remains only a huge Crowd and its divided, but Molar,
opinions .
( a bit like Alexis de Toqueville explained in _Democracy in America_ with
equalization of Taste and the Vanishing of the aristocratic taste, also
feared by F.Nietzsche, a prophecy now fully realized  )
there remains only a Shame to "do Monument" of one's independency from this
crowd and their opinions.

my idea was to constitute some "manifesto " or rather a simple zen
"stimulus" set of reflexions for the other artists and for those others
responsible of the life of our aesthetics, in our Towns.

( a manifesto which would go against the grain of the huge Crowd, against
the 1977 Dialogue, shrugging your shoulder to the Deleuzian credo that
"avant-gardes" have always had "paranoids" influences by their Popes.
How does he dare our 1968 Parisian thinker talk like Bob Dylan " I have
Multitudes in me " if its to equalize every taste and destroy independency
of Thoughts from all future artists? Shame on the Deleuze words, shame
instead on this credo !  )

This is what I think as Dewey Dell 5, you might disagree with me and you
may have the right to do so.
Dewey Dell

On Sat, Jun 20, 2020 at 1:05 PM Dewey Dell <dewey.dell5 at gmail.com> wrote:

> merci pour ta réponse qui m’apprend comment se vivent par toi les
> sculptures rouges.
> je ne m’attends pas à ce que la société et même les musées les commissions
> influencent sur l’art des artistes mais c’est pourtant le cas de tout temps
> pour y échapper c’est justement le sens des « avant-gardes » et «
> manifestes » qu’il y avait fin xix ème et début xxème jusqu’a oulipo et
> fluxus puis ça s’est arrêté, après mai 68, sauf en musique plus ou
> moins..peut-être que les artistes ont a ce point perdu tout sens
> d’indépendance peut être que la vision de l’art est tellement passée Dans
> Le Public, car il n’y a plus de subjectivité esthétique comme avant,
> puisque le message POP a pris tout, et que l’artiste isolé a honte de son
> indépendance esthétique ( j’ai fortement vécu ce passage à La Cambre ) et
> qu’il n’y a plus qu’une foule d’avis et qu’on a honte de faire monument de
> son indépendance par rapport à cette foule d’avis.
> mon idée était de constituer quelque « stimulus » de réflexion pour
> d’autres artistes et responsables de la vie esthétique de nos villes.

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