[D-G] the United States' cartesian cogitos as mirrored in the Cartographies Schizoanalytiques

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hi Johnatan,

Your writing doesn't make any sense to me:
however hard you try to add a factor "T"
and to territorialize your topic,
the real topic underneath, the UNREAL Territory under which
you talk, becomes a stream of unconsciousness dragging you far away
from your Territory ! Virginia Woolf knew how to requalify her writing 
with a valid T factor: she knew the Guattari's synapse
in her very specific way.
That was the "stream of consciousness": the tool she invented and which 
she wrote with.


On 08.06.2020 02:40, Johnatan Petterson wrote:
> hello all.
> well, if i had fathomed the impact of a covid lock down,
> i would have stumbled anyway on Félix Guattari
> distinction between the "pour-soi" or the "for his - self" or "for her 
> -
> self"
> of the existential Territory,
> and the flows.
> i think the flows are "negative" moments or movements in Guattari, 
> indeed
> something is not quite erotic about the idea of "flows" that's a first 
> hint.
> libidinal flows, labour flows, capitalistic flows, that's not something
> which can be part of a movement towards "self-referentiality".
> if Guattari was really serious about arraying the
> existential Territoriality into the "virtual category" and the flows
> in the "actual category"
> may be he was meaning that the heterogeneousness,
> the United States Territory as the virtual center of connexions between
> various World machinic concatenation's possibilities, made sense if and
> only when
> "virtual"  holds the potential value for Guattari
> as to be something which in due term would be filled with the
> flows of money, the flows of labour and the flows of libido? (not
> mentioning parallel economies here)
> the dis - positional synapses thus constitute the "singularising"
> possibilities to switch from one's own
> Universe of Reference, and thus shall the neo-dadaist get the one time
> opportunity pristine chance to pick a new Reference fitting well
> as a requalificative moment or movement inside one's own T(erritory).
> I am trying indeed to analyze the situation:
> is D.J.Trump belonging to our Universe of Reference, i mean the one
> to which the world wide dadaist poets would need a dis - position 
> synapse
> to help
> the citizens of USA to elect an actual new Universe of Presidence?
> let's reckon what if Covid19 distress + G.Floyd murder by a cop enabled 
> the
> whole planet to elicit a New Universe of Presidence/Reference and it
> was just what i am trying to talk about: such a synapse in dis - 
> position
> between two different Universes of Reference and the Phylum ?
> What if the new two Universes of Reference allowed to the various
> T(erritories) of USA to hold the Phylum accountable democratically as
> something "actual"
> in the "virtual", something finally which from passing ontological 
> status
> of "possible" to the one of "real" was thus making the World machinic
> Phylum the "mirrored meak audience" (cfr Guy Debord, new friends 77)  
> of
> the USA Actual/Virtual T(erritories)
> and this at the occasion the ingredient (Plato, le Banquet)
> of a new Self-Referentiality elected on Earth in November 2020?
> Recollecting the "Pour-Autrui" (the "for other"). Thus mirrored, the 
> World
> Machinic Phylum become the perfect candidates at once mirrored in
> sign-particles in the Polyglot Language of the thinking cogitos of the 
> T(erritories).
> Just an idea,
> Johnatan
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