[D-G] the United States' cartesian cogitos as mirrored in the Cartographies Schizoanalytiques

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sun Jun 7 17:40:07 PDT 2020

hello all.

well, if i had fathomed the impact of a covid lock down,
i would have stumbled anyway on Félix Guattari
distinction between the "pour-soi" or the "for his - self" or "for her -
of the existential Territory,
and the flows.
i think the flows are "negative" moments or movements in Guattari, indeed
something is not quite erotic about the idea of "flows" that's a first hint.
libidinal flows, labour flows, capitalistic flows, that's not something
which can be part of a movement towards "self-referentiality".
if Guattari was really serious about arraying the
existential Territoriality into the "virtual category" and the flows
in the "actual category"
may be he was meaning that the heterogeneousness,
the United States Territory as the virtual center of connexions between
various World machinic concatenation's possibilities, made sense if and
only when
"virtual"  holds the potential value for Guattari
as to be something which in due term would be filled with the
flows of money, the flows of labour and the flows of libido? (not
mentioning parallel economies here)

the dis - positional synapses thus constitute the "singularising"
possibilities to switch from one's own
Universe of Reference, and thus shall the neo-dadaist get the one time
opportunity pristine chance to pick a new Reference fitting well
as a requalificative moment or movement inside one's own T(erritory).

I am trying indeed to analyze the situation:
is D.J.Trump belonging to our Universe of Reference, i mean the one
to which the world wide dadaist poets would need a dis - position synapse
to help
the citizens of USA to elect an actual new Universe of Presidence?

let's reckon what if Covid19 distress + G.Floyd murder by a cop enabled the
whole planet to elicit a New Universe of Presidence/Reference and it
was just what i am trying to talk about: such a synapse in dis - position
between two different Universes of Reference and the Phylum ?
What if the new two Universes of Reference allowed to the various
T(erritories) of USA to hold the Phylum accountable democratically as
something "actual"
in the "virtual", something finally which from passing ontological status
of "possible" to the one of "real" was thus making the World machinic
Phylum the "mirrored meak audience" (cfr Guy Debord, new friends 77)  of
the USA Actual/Virtual T(erritories)
and this at the occasion the ingredient (Plato, le Banquet)
of a new Self-Referentiality elected on Earth in November 2020?
Recollecting the "Pour-Autrui" (the "for other"). Thus mirrored, the World
Machinic Phylum become the perfect candidates at once mirrored in
sign-particles in the Polyglot Language of the thinking cogitos of the USA

Just an idea,

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