[D-G] Deleuze and Guattari Studies Camp and Conference 2019

Dewey Dell dewey.dell5 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 18:23:05 PST 2019


== are there people from this Conference willing to testimony about it here
and now?

I have (indeed) just discovered the facebook

I think it helps a lot to see who (the Nietzshean querry) is behind the web
address as a kind of
person populating the Deleuze affictionadoes

1) poets and sensible people do not post or very seldom here.
2) schizophrenic worshipers.
3 ) amateurs of CounterPunch.
4)  and finally, that is write about Deleuze
(either accademics either aforementioned articles)
only people who have been " in the name of state building dismantled or
created weak states " by "Empire"

in my opinion this facebook group comes mostly people who worship Deleuze
books and concepts and some connected works like Negri and Bergson

it is no surprise that the current deleuze and guattari list
comes unattended: there simply is no audience capable of writing
that means : not capable of writing "like Deleuze" (high opinion of Deleuze
matters here)

what do you think about turning the mailing list into a kind of freaky
Deleuze Facebook
and post longer threads
? here i meant

==comes as well in mind the question of financing your Ideas==

if you post here, indeed it is most welcome not to have people attending
those kind of Conference
to retrieve Ideas from your Facebook Post
better get alone and together the  know how to turn the camera on Capital,
asked Deleuze in Cinema
better to block people and work against those anon .

a strategic achievement,
         "back on the top of the agenda"


Dewey . Dell .5.

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