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i am trying thus to make here the conceptual connexion between those two

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First Contributor:
 hello . D&G's have strong interest for subjectivity to understand itself.
see short book Pericles & Verdi
about the becoming inhuman which is aroused by questions. i wish i knew

now how would you explain the Industrial Revolution as to something like
States, coming full armed,

or how would any States in mankind's evolution be random ways of
effectuation working for this slow progress towards Industrial Revolution?
what mystification ?


Second Contributor:
<https://www.facebook.com/dewey.dell.5> this opposition between evolution
and state is itself not showing what it does, everything in that rapid
connexion between 'evolution' and 'state',

 the affects pertaining to this opposition is an unconscious evolution or
process falling underground and leading to Matter

(Matter is an Absurdity according to Berkeley), so much that the State that
goes alongside this assertive opposition,

can be said to Fall into Matter

futurisator, pastator & presentator:


Dewey .Dell 5.

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