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<<The English Board of Communications on Earth also included Nick Land's 
very impressive
Making it With Death: Remarks on Thanatos and Desiring Production. 
Rather than Occupy movement,
we have recently used Land's article to decipher more about the the 
fascism hiding within the U.S. Antifa movement.>>

yes Mike please, do send either here to orbitalflatsurface either here 
on the driftline list,

your last investigation on the qualities incumbent to the movements of 
US politics.

as much as most of those who elected President Trump
and to whom some of his communications are meant,

are meant to come in strong opposition,
to the intellectuals who read here deleuze and guattari;

Those will of course support the Occupy mind set.

it might be interesting 4 them to decipher what might turn up good from
such an Hatred:

  the investigations launched by the Democratic
Party (Russian collusion & Quid pro Quo phone call with the Zelinski 
are after all another manipulation of the opinions, a way for the 
Democratic Party to lean
on fostered hatred against the President of USA, lean on movements of 
Hatred deciphered by sedentary intellectual
across various parts of USA
and Europe, and beyond, it is so likely that the opinions constituant to 
the Democratic Party
will thus further move to the Left once the counter-investigation will 
have reached its full effect,
once shall be confronted the organization of the Democratic Party it 
in the weeks/monthes to come.

it will be interesting to see how the languages of the new radicalized 
leftist party
will like a blade of reed blown by the wind, re-organize themselves, 
from the US universities perpectives, in newspapers and books
(tools for statements harvest)

one of the great advantage the grass-root ecology movement brings to the 
harvest of Statements,
is that ecology short-circuits capital
organization by at once de-evaluating the industrial growth; and 
re-evaluating the
subject of enunciation in a society of communication, a control society, 
in which
conventional ways of communication are run in blocks of becomings such 
as Hatred,
from rich comes autopoiesis the future struggles between a divided 
4 the one interested in re-organizing the Guattari's aesthetic 
cartographies there might in that light, be a future
rich in possibilities for snarls and kinds of kind discourses, 
independent outcomes from the next nominee success,
in the US elections 365 days,
  ahead from today.

(bacci a tutti!)
Sylvia Jenepi

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