[D-G] billet d'humeur on Brexit

Dewey Dell dewey.dell5 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 12 19:32:35 PDT 2019

today i have been by coincidence for fun visiting the european parliament
in a schizophrenic adventure with an old girl friend
i enjoyed being offered lituanian spicy brown seed bread on market place
then to listen in irish after choosing between 12 other official european
to a video tour undergound the european buildings in brussels. (brussels
by right of being european city is also second city in the world in terms
of cosmopolitanism
after Abu Dhabi.

this choice should be offered to every one in brussels. the city should
an international city, a bit like vatican city, with the exception that the
same choice
should be offered for every citizen in europe, someone in romania being
able to
listen in augmented reality in portuguese or norvegian to the bus driver
 it should be able for someone to switch the language in which one receives
the orders
from the bus drivers.

contrary wise it seems in europe the national tendency is overcoming
not only on the far right i mean.

the "states" agree politically to conceive themselves above the others, and
besides to be superseded by "brussels"

this is so wrong, the citizen of europe are self harm children and should
be treated as adults
and let it be required of them to grow up. if politicians suddenly stopped
talking to children,
the children would be so lost that they would obey to their inner biologic
tendency to become adults.

the politicians should not give up should not be lenient.
same with brussels, they should notice that the ukip feodal capitalist
power has won the upper hand
in Britain now. its the locomotive, the rest is Static Apparatus crumbling.
that UK shall not give a fuck about Ireland.
Brussels should be aware and directly make the best Deal with USA and
ignore London right away.
Brussels should run to Washington in search for a deal.

USA is already protecting London, and the interest of the anglo-saxon world
shall prevail that way,
so let's speed up and break this with a no deal between Brussels and
London, and let there be a Deal between Mainland Europe and
USA, instead than vague discussions across the Channel. The Parliament
Session of today said it all because you can feel
the locomotive desiring machine noise of MPs roar and cheers clamour as the
Sea advancing in front of the New Hobbes Lion, and panties parting letting
the Atlantic Cables underneath the Ocean.

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