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Tue Mar 12 15:02:17 PDT 2019

Deleuze is famous along with this line of French thoughts
about critics of Representation.
a critique of Representation encompasses the vacuity of discussing
representation. thus signification of the concept of god should not matter,
nor a "concept of inorganic" should not be signifying the destruction of
of anything, since representation has no value.

yet what remains from the destruction of concept is what Deleuze said
think of Critique and Clinique on this famous Chapter on Melville.
the Percept is what replaces the Concept.

what is a vacuole is all this french philosophy, i mean Greek philosopher's
concepts since Aristoteles.

what yet remains is the work _after_ the destruction of the Concept(s)

what with the percepts, and the thinking expressions by differences
appearing _after_ the dead Other.

Le mar. 12 mars 2019 à 22:42, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
écrit :

> Along with Deleuze's statement about volcanoes, a Deleuzean concept of
> the "inorganic" destroys the concept of god, literally. (...)

>  Thus, the information anarchy done
> to god is the undoing of the representation of the precise signifier,
> 'god' accompanied by Guattari's radically atheist Other when quoting
> Sade's Julliette along the lines of, "there is nothing unique about DNA
> that thinks."

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