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the icon : borrows a similitude to the referent, like the emojis
the symbol : like written characters, holds referent in sight thru
arbitrary (external) way
the index : like the smoke and the fire, or the animal and its marks on the
the diagram : dialogues between symbols

this is coming from Charles Pierce's classification.

regarding this question on Geography
it seems internet could help the Prisoners
if it was less a dialogue between signs and if it was
more like the index of a geography.

?but would it use photographic slides, not necessarily !

it would be quite like alzheimer: if all these current discussion groups
ceased anon to discuss, like on deleuze guattari list, and philosophers
started describing with words (with Latin, Cyrillic, Japanese or Chinese
what was what the computer users typing on the keyboard was in the process
of seeing

for example right now this user (Self.Init_Point.Position)
is seing the white window of the internet, there is music emanated from a
connected to the computer via a thread on the floor
it is about 3AM, the road is empty, a few hot trees with not a lot of
a warm night. the windows panes have been downed. i don't mind about stars,
they have gone invisible in cities.
i can experience tiredness.
in a minute i shall brush my teeth and go to bed.
my room is about 40 meter square. with a kitchen, a bathroom,
5 windows and a water closet.

i am on the second floor, there is a lift.

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> 'directly in touch with the referent' is what we seek in producing
> Orthographic Dilemma.
> <-----Origin

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