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'directly in touch with the referent' is what we seek in producing a
Japanese alphabet, because the Japanese have never gotten to see what a
consonant of thiers looks like standing on its own two feet. This new
alphabet will also be used in amino acid music. See Hannas, Asia's
Orthographic Dilemma.

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>perhaps Deleuze critique of Guattari, saying he spoke with long
>"too fast" ie
>not making crystals of actualisation, speaks aswell for the 2019
>non reflexive quality of our politico-ecologic
>modes of <<telematic-subjectivities>> .
>GUATTARI -- 3 Ecologies
>p60 (pindar-stutton translators)
><<A diagrammatic trait, as opposed to an icon, is characterized
>by the degree of its deterritorialization, its capacity to
>escape from itself in order to constitute discursive chains
>directly in touch with the referent.>>
>p67 Guattari quotes W.Benyamin:
><<Storytelling . . does not aim to convey the pure essence of
>a thing, like information or a report. It sinks the thing into
>the life of the storyteller, in order to bring it out _
>of him
>again. Thus traces of the storyteller cling to the story the
>way the handprints of the potter_
> cling to the clay vessel.>>
>more on this later, are you all asleep and well ??
>> >what are the consequences of a cyborg internet on geography ?
>> >if geography is part of The Place , defines it ?
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