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Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 15 17:47:31 PDT 2019

perhaps Deleuze critique of Guattari, saying he spoke with long circuits,
"too fast" ie
not making crystals of actualisation, speaks aswell for the 2019
non reflexive quality of our politico-ecologic
modes of <<telematic-subjectivities>> .

GUATTARI -- 3 Ecologies
p60 (pindar-stutton translators)
<<A diagrammatic trait, as opposed to an icon, is characterized
by the degree of its deterritorialization, its capacity to
escape from itself in order to constitute discursive chains
directly in touch with the referent.>>

p67 Guattari quotes W.Benyamin:
<<Storytelling . . does not aim to convey the pure essence of
a thing, like information or a report. It sinks the thing into
the life of the storyteller, in order to bring it out _
of him
again. Thus traces of the storyteller cling to the story the
way the handprints of the potter_
 cling to the clay vessel.>>

more on this later, are you all asleep and well ??

> >what are the consequences of a cyborg internet on geography ?
> >if geography is part of The Place , defines it ?

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