[D-G] do you know where ?

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it is my translation, its right there, on p189 french edition.
i have just add up the parenthesis  (ha shame, eretz israel, etc)
i think it highly interested, as you know the IsraeliDefenceForce is using
Deleuze&Guattari ATP
as a way to understand the nomadic space of war. (in operations)
already Virilio worked as architect (brutalism) and tried to understand
nazi fortresses (bunkers) to build post war buildings.
Deleuze in Cinema 1 & 2 said that the strain of ww2 aircraft carriers of
lights was revamped
by Hollywood.
this part of the idea that the war never stopped.
of course i over-simplify, and its a very complex idea.
besides my new theory is that there actually is no such
difference between striated space and smooth space.

i don't know how you shall related Space and Hitchcock
as I am found of architecture and cinema.

in particular i think it is soo wrong to think that
truth like Foucault, think like art is saying its truth
actually Foucault showed in his conference in College de France
the difficult position of the carrier of truth. somebody who says the truth
attracts the anger of every factors in our society.
actually art tries to elude the question of its appropriation
by politic.
this because truth is such a strain-full position to maintain
this explains the schizophrenia of artists.
art has an historical evolution, i recon, yes, but as an artist, as a way
of life (modus vivendi) carrying art,
has become in-existent in our societies. (i don't deny of course diverse
art forms
concurrent to this impossibility : think of kafka aswell, with
an artist of hunger, one century ago!!!!!!)
henry miller him again has explained his multi-polar  schizophrenia hunger
for diverse flows,
but in a way that it is non clear.
he had to elude truth about himself in his art.
he had to create a false character 'that gave him courage' said he to Anais
Nin in Paris.

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> A copy of ATP is on order and we have Deleuze and Space with which to
> comment on place (Hitchcock). Can you transcribe part of p. 189?
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> >p 189 éditions de minuit 1980 - (plateau 6)
> ><< on avait choisi le Lieu, La Puissance, le Collectif (il y a
> toujours
> >un
> >collectif même si l'on est tout seul) >>
> >
> ><< we chose the Place Where(Eretz Israel), The Power(Ha Shem), the
> >Collective(Bnei Israel) (there is always a collective even if one is
> alone)
> >>>
> >
> >in the quote Antonin.A. letter to Hitler
> >the map is not only "geographical". a map of intensities.
> >
> >what are the consequences of a cyborg internet on geography ?
> >if geography is part of The Place , defines it ?
> >or is there no geography, not even a geology, if there are only
> intensities
> >and heacceities ?
> >
> >is internet something as a big signifiant, a FACE kite, a vamp ?
> >
> >the Internet-FACE
> >
> >who speaks in the Internet-FACE - Mouth - organ ??
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >On Sun, Jun 2, 2019 at 4:48 AM Johnatan Petterson <
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> >
> >> hi
> >>
> >> can't locate the passage in ATP
> >> where the CSO is caracterised by three factors:
> >>
> >> 1) the crowd, what peoples the CsO, or the collective
> >> 2) the intensity
> >>
> >> and i cannot remember what is the third factor
> >> is it the place ?
> >>
> >> do you know anyone?
> >> thank you
> >> JP
> >>

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