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'Do we have to wait for global political transformations before
undertaking molecular revolutions that will converge on changing
mentalities? We find ourselves in a doubly difficult situation: on one
hand, society, politics and the economy cannot be changed without a
mutation of mentalities; but, on the other hand, mentalities can only
be truly changed if global society follows a movement of
transformation. The social experimentation on the grand scale that we
are advocating will constitute one of the means of escaping from this
On the Materials of Dance

Translator: What impressed me was what Min-san said about imaging the
wind during the first "pushing discussion."

Guattari: The same holds true with me. But how can I put it? Is there
anything more deterritorialized?'
>From his period of gestural abstraction to his ka-cho-gu-getsu turn,
Imai has affirmed himself as a painter of chaosmosis. The categories of
von Weizsacker' may 'modulate the pathic subject'; whereas a more
orthodox analysts's so-called objective view would affirm the ontic.
This is quite unlike a schizoanalyst, who lives pathically with his
patients' passages into world-making and by submersion into them can
'claim pathic access to the chaosmotic thing.' '
(Guattari, Machinic Eros: Writings on Japan)

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>Glad to know you happy at the task of writing the Japanese alphabet. In
>2017 while chatting with Mike here on dg list we thought it was a new
>language/writing that included the wind/spirit of each
>as a kind of development of Artaud's ideas on theater.
>Would you be interested to implement an augmented reality interface:
>letter would have a 3d colored form, and would express a sound of own.
>be used in performances using or talking about use of augmented
reality ?
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>> Chalk one up for D&G's atheism, and for Markova's (Russian Academy of
>> Sciences) writings on Deleuze!
>> 22 Jan 2019 RFE RL Russian Academy Walks Back
>> In addition, the current negotiations between Putin and Japan's Abe
>> over disputed islands meshes to our ongoing development of a Japanese
>> alphabet (rather than a syllabary, which has relied on eye-straining
>> and confusing use of Chinese kanji characters): Putin's daughter is a
>> Japanese philologist. Thus, we are now perusing Markova's Russian
>> as well as Guattari's Machinic Eros: Writings on Japan.
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