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Sun Jan 27 10:31:20 PST 2019

Reading this makes me think even the most pro-yellow jackets
politicophilozoers like lundi matin, lack mental mutation.
If anything large scale happens art&aesthetic paradigm wise , its somehow
akin to liberal left, with cross-planes of reference, and close to
scientific universes of references. Yellow jackets are too much
re-territorialized on continental scales of opinions. Natural States.

Strange how difficult it is to spot traditional irish ( language) singing
on spotify. Social media cannot yet compete with pathic modulations. Maybe
its so hugely invested by teenagers and students in uni. Older generation
relativise social media by continental scales of opinions.

Perhaps there could be a desanckorage of emergent expression, a
radicalisation and communalisation of pathic modulation, provided the
social media walls can be gradually erased. Some ten years from now, the
teenagers could have some trouble reterritorialize, some prepare the
smoothing out of the scales of opinions. The reterritorialization tools of
integral capital for instagram followers will look so artificial ; as to
those who will have digged flights of escapes. To those the world will seem
so lsd beautiful, so natural. The way we look at hairdressings so dated
when we see an mtv 80´s videoclip, all these tools of reterritorialization
of nowadays for the teenager part of the mind. I mean tools like instagram,
snapchat and facebook. They will be dated to this pre-crumble epoch period
of the 2019. We will understand we have lost time with black holes. Dating

Le dim. 27 janv. 2019 à 1:52 AM, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
écrit :

> 'Do we have to wait for global political transformations before
> undertaking molecular revolutions that will converge on changing
> mentalities? We find ourselves in a doubly difficult situation: on one
> hand, society, politics and the economy cannot be changed without a
> mutation of mentalities; but, on the other hand, mentalities can only
> be truly changed if global society follows a movement of
> transformation. The social experimentation on the grand scale that we
> are advocating will constitute one of the means of escaping from this
> contradiction.
> ....
> On the
> --
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