[D-G] le jugement de ha shem -- as made up by Andrew Culp on dank deleuze facebook

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Wed Jan 16 19:49:35 PST 2019

Monty Smith-Brown
Monty Smith-Brown on dank deleuze facebook 15 janvier 2019
15 janvier, 02:19

<<What is Deleuze meaning when he refers to 'becoming' a body without

rather: what does it mean to 'become' a body without organs?

Andrew Culp << because BwO is taken from Artaud's radioplay "To Have Done
with the Judgment of God," it's worth visiting what Deleuze has said on the
issue. A few things to consider:

how is an organ or organism not just a "judgement" but a "judgement of God
(read as: transcendent authority)"?

what if we take 'organ' to mean organization? what would it mean to "do
away with the organization imposed by God"?

if we take a 'body' to mean any substance that is collective (in terms of
being made up of many things) but individuated (having gained enough
consistency to be a single thing), then what would it mean to be a "body
without organization"?

if we look to bodies where there is something at stake for its organization
– the 'body politic' of a nation, the 'legislative body' of a congress, the
marked 'queer' or 'black' body – what would it mean to prescriptively
advocate for a 'body without organs' that lacks the ability of judgment
that Kant loves so much?

some rando links



David Piersol : <<This is a hell of a comment >> <<also just to respond to
the final comment about marked bodies lacking the ability of judgment...

to me, as a queer person, this consists in a series of strategies which by
stressing the capacities of unmarked/normative bodies to judge can explode
judgment itself. in other words, if my way of existing is at odds with
normative bodies and their judgment, i will always first short-circuit that
judgment--in some maneuver like what Deleuze describes in his Bartleby
essay--and then confront judgment with an infinite sinfulness and an
unflinching confirmation that, yes, i am monstrous for my way of life, to
an extent you will never comprehend. in other words, as a queer person
(again), "let your freak flag fly."

(although, to be frank, i'm not sure whether this conflicts with your ideas
about a politics of invisibility, since i'm not too well-acquainted with
that idea.)  >>

Dewey Dell : <<le jugement de dieu is a judgement made by the atheist
against ha shem - but it is aswell a judgement of god against the creature,
who is marked, which gives a meaning to the strata as something positive to
be found in the strata by the strata willing to forget the connexion
between the judging and judged strata. yet this is the judgement of the
false god which the strata call immanent >>

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