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While Johnny Pett is gone, this latest news coalesces the assemblage
thus far to Russia-U.S.-Chechnya-Ukraine-Turkey:

17 Jan 2019 Radio Free Europe Radio Liberty: Erdogan's Wrath Stretches
to Ukraine, Leaving Turks in Fear of Kyiv-Assisted 'Kidnapping'
'....Erdogu, a proud Gulen 'follower and supporter' is reportedly being
sought by Turkish authorities for allegedly opposing the State and
supporting the 2016 coup attempt.'

Chechen kidnapping and ransom expertise now meshes with the media of
the Turkish State and Gulen holed-up in Pennsylvania, while a U.S. spy
sets in a Russian jail as potential negotiating fodder. 

17 Jan 2019 Ex-FBI Hostage Negotiator on the Shutdown: This is What Has
to Happen Before Trump Makes a Deal

Suggested reading: Deleuze and Parnet, Negotiations

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>yes Johnny shall be away from computers until end of January,
>so, we'd encourage you to translate the conversation,
>and also explain out carefully why DG identify the AO in Pharaoh
>is Pharaoh? what does he or she creates?)
>as a "paranoid". it is strange because "paranoia" just means
>'out of your mind' and there is no historical or religious reason to
>Egyptians were out of their mind.
>even when they saw frogs and snakes everwhere. why to try disqualify
>by saying "oh, paranoid" it was true,
>and what's wrong with paranoia by the way. why is schizophrenia
>the paranoid mind? and why the schizophren will not be paranoid? why
>important for DG to led you follow that line of non sense to put faith
>these words have no meaning,
>nothing matters in AO. i think it's important to know what Pharaoh
>talking about,
>there a few scores of them, no? why always "the" Despot.
>yet we hope to read the conversation with Klebnikov. we wish to know
>who is behind the islamochristian facts. now in Europe, they are so
>dangerous! not the non-sensical idea that non-sense will create
>a better flight line towards an inexistent and impossible better world
>the "old" world meaning self implodes.
>we want some flesh. right now, and in the Past, historical and
>we want some Pharaoh in flesh, from the Future towards the Past!!
>some Barbarian with a tearing off condom, who speaks, and
>creates some flight lines, some sperm falling on the ground, some
vagina &
>seed spurting on the foundation just for the sake of
>touching something. a new snake & tits monument, a new whore somebody,
>a female Despot
>yet nothing which takes in consideration the female Despot, we are fed
>listening to this non-sensical talk about paranoid female Despots,
>the female Despot is like the blank
>white female worker of ATP, its not a reality, they never grow up, not
>into a frightening blank void, they want to create Edenic animal
>now, thank you!
>best, byebye for a few days,
>Le mer. 16 janv. 2019 à 23:36, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
>écrit :
>> Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Lavrov: We're Not Rubbing Our Hands in Glee
>> Over Brexit
>> With Dukuzov in a Urkrainian jail, fresh exchange opportunities
>> Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Russia Decides to Hold Jailed Ukrainian
>> Sailors Until April 24
>> Yahoo News 16 Jan 2019 Russia Says it Caught Former U.S. Marine
>> of Spying Red-Handed
>> Moscow Times 16 Jan 2019 Russia Urged to Investigate Reports of LGBT
>> Crackdown in Chechnya
>> 'European Parliament urged Russia on Tuesday.'
>> Since Conversations with a Barbarian could very well be the book that
>> got Klebnikov killed, we think that it is worth translating into
>> English to further schizoanalyze the pathologies of church-and-state
>> capitalism and islamochristian-style sharia law (currently evolving),
>> via Deleuze and Law (two different versions including Braidotti's)
>> LeFebvre's The Image of Law.
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