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It is both church and state that comes under scrutiny. Gulen is relying
on the US founding fathers in such non-separationist copulations, and
we can show where in Gulen's youtube video that he is doing this. The
interest includes the fact that the Klebnikov murder investigation is
in its 14th year, and the statute of limitations apparently runs out at
15 years. That is why the U.S. State Department has recently honored
two slain journalists, Klebnikov being one of them (12 July 2018) and
has prodded Russia to solve the case (2017). Since Klebnikov's
Conversation with a Barbarian is the book that likely got him killed,
we will scrutinize Gulen's establishment of schools in the U.S. as well
as his cathecting of one of the world's most dangerous pieces of
self-glossing literature, the Qur'an, let alone its comparisons to
another of the world's most dangerous pieces of self-glossing
literature, the Bible. Since one of Klebnikov's killers was in prison
in Saudi Arabia, and the sentence was reduced if the prisoner could
recite without hesitation a portion of the Qur'an, it is of interest,
because the same prisoner is now being held in the Ukraine as a
time-piece for Russia to contemplate between nations and their
importations-deportations and trades of these psychopathologies based
on the violence and stupidity of religiously-compromised human DNA.

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>i don't understand much your interest into this guy.
>the contradiction is unapparent because Deleuze and Guattari themselves
>were producing in ATP a state of exception: they tried to accelerate
>from the lines with such claims as "the state is never progressively
>the migrants from UK who built the USA, were called the Founding
>They are a state and church copulation. Or maybe its me who's wrong,
>who sees
>some benefits in America, creating an escape from Medieval Europe.
>Yet, I admire your visionary insistence upon calling into question
>I don't know: do you see him as a burden for you? What if the US
>returns Gulen
>to Turkey? Who's by the way in charge of disagreeing with the executive
>orders in case they are written?
>You seem to prefer Erdogan over Gulen? I understand Gulen is less hair
>splitting than Erdogan.
>The advantage when you let the imagination dream about Gulen in Turkey,
>with helping the case of the Ghersi revolt (because Gulen is a
>psychological tool ) What do you see the Earth looking alike
>in the future? Do you see a return of the Ottoman Empire? Will it be
>post World War I autocratic sharia regime?
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>> Gulen's movement is to meld church and state via sharia law. Here one
>> think of xian Democrats in Italy, or Badiou's "underside of law, the
>> non-law within law," so Gulen's presence in Pennsylvania does matter
>> just as Islamic immigrants matter in Europe. D&G have much more to
>> about the Gulen-style Colonizer in AO and ATP, and Gulen's refugia
>> estate was presupposed in Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies,
>> Figure 1.4. If you have opened to page 32, you can see the diagram: '
>> stratified flows<--------> splitting of the self <-------> 
>> refuges for the repressed.' Gulen's Pennsylvania hideout may not
>> a refuge if he is deported.
>> The tricky part of it concerns U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria:
>> vs. Kurds, the latter being U.S. allies against ISIS, though Turkey
>> accuses Gulenists of aligning with Kurdish against the Turkish state.
>> In Paul Klebnikov's Razgovor s varvarom (Conversations with a
>> Barbarian), the radical Chechen islamist Nukhaev describes his
>> as "state-building." This church-and-state copulation is Gulen's
>> operandi, reminiscent of the Colonizer in Creek territory. The
>> contradiction is that Deleuze and Guattari think that the State
>> arises already fully formed.
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