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Gulen's movement is to meld church and state via sharia law. Here one
think of xian Democrats in Italy, or Badiou's "underside of law, the
non-law within law," so Gulen's presence in Pennsylvania does matter
just as Islamic immigrants matter in Europe. D&G have much more to say
about the Gulen-style Colonizer in AO and ATP, and Gulen's refugia real
estate was presupposed in Guattari's Schizoanalytic Cartographies,
Figure 1.4. If you have opened to page 32, you can see the diagram: '
stratified flows<--------> splitting of the self <-------> territorial
refuges for the repressed.' Gulen's Pennsylvania hideout may not remain
a refuge if he is deported.

The tricky part of it concerns U.S. troop withdrawal from Syria: Turkey
vs. Kurds, the latter being U.S. allies against ISIS, though Turkey
accuses Gulenists of aligning with Kurdish against the Turkish state.
In Paul Klebnikov's Razgovor s varvarom (Conversations with a
Barbarian), the radical Chechen islamist Nukhaev describes his project
as "state-building." This church-and-state copulation is Gulen's modus
operandi, reminiscent of the Colonizer in Creek territory. The
contradiction is that Deleuze and Guattari think that the State always
arises already fully formed.

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>The book by Negri 2015 is "from the factory to the metropolis"
>assembly might be worth checking for me.
>i would not say superego, it could well be the
>famous "noosphere/realpolitic" which crosscuts with the
>Dumezil atp Romulus/Numa; Wotan-Tiwas king jurist & magical emperor or
>(beginning of plateau 7000 BC 13)
>i think i have not yet read Dumezil but i know he analyzed the
>i know the ditto "indo-europeans" have been subject to question as a
>i think you talk about Gulen, he belongs to the Turko-Mongols
>even if he lives in Pennsylvanya it does not matter.
>they might be differently organized then the probably non existent
>"Indo-European" Civilization. about the later i have thought that they
>appear in favor of the
>development of a certain kind of agencies organization going alongside
>neolithic metal
>techno-social-theology which spread very slowly i reckon westward and
>elsewhere south and may be east of
>Mesopotamia around the 7000 BC time
>i think you can help your self with comparing Civilization, especially
>want to know what will be the next movement from the Strata and Nomad
>singularities point of view
>but with always relative efficacy.
>you have to think about the tools used by a Civilization in order to
>develop its theological layer. like today our freeways, our telephones
>think as well that the Clintons belong to a Civilization which has some
>real Christian background
>but which is as well in tune with a Metropolis which crosscuts with
>& different Civilizations
>still alive and potent with results, in imagery for example.
>if you don't agree with what I here say, please tell me not, because I
>not sure
>of the way this vision is shared by most people reading books in the
>intelligentsia? Michael Hardt in the youtube video
>you shared here seem yesterday did not to agree with this line of
>of mine, when answering some of the question on the factories
>in China and the social mining in the West.
>anyway i hardly think of a "superego" which is a nomenclature provided
>psychiatry or by psychoanalysis (?)
>i don't by the way believe in the notion of "paranoia" or "neurosis"
thus i
>think outdated the nomenclature of
>"superego" or "overman". i rate better the approximate notion of
Agency, or
>multiple Agency forming a Strata/Civilization,
>switching in the intellectual gaze, as for eg. the Turco-Mongols, as
>opposed to the Arabs, differently organized,
>or as opposed to the Christians or to the Creeks.
>but each social field is rooted in a certain Time Geography which
>via Tools
>and Tools can be a sword and fire, or Signs, Emotions interacting
which you
>will call atheism or religion depending on the case
>and your mood.
>Le dim. 6 janv. 2019 à 20:17, Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com> a
>écrit :
>> Schizoanalysis of the Gulen/Creek assemblage pivots on the assumption
>> that the theologian and policeman are two peas in a superego pea-pod.
>> Thus, if Gulen's followers apply for police jobs in Turkey and they
>> have been given the answers to the exam beforehand, we will dig
>> into this (school-education) pathology, because it is an interesting
>> church-and-state copulation whose islamic end goal is not different
>> from the xian Colonizers in Georgia, USA.
>> In Hardt's youtube video, Assembly, Hardt links Standing Rock Sioux
>> the idea of the 'Commons' at time-point 32:17:
>> Assembly
>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gjjLWPowDCU
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