[D-G] Could we have a viable List?

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Fri Jul 20 15:38:50 PDT 2018

I am not sure there are viable Lists. Pepe the Frogs works a bit like
Homer as a fiction: at least that's the way Fr.Nietzsche imagines
Homer for the German XIX Century Philologicians. Pepe the Frog on
Reddit for the Alt-Right incarnates the death of will necessary for
the movement to exist. Pepe the Frogs inchoate movements help people
surrender their 'natural' rights. Thats seem to explain how Lists on
Internet or even Off-Line who lack such a Figure as Homer or Pepe as a
Meme+Image, tend to self-destroy. Perhaps there's a lack of Family, (
lack of )sense of becoming secret which destroys this List. Personaly
Clifford Dufy is a Big Brother, for me as a remote Family. I am sad I
lost him. He's dreaming about Love, he feels writing and salvaging
this List from the grips of Hatred would cost him too much. And its
true if Gilles Deleuze wrote us a Letter from his new HomeLand, we
would recover a sense of Hope for the List. People of those who read
this will find themselves in the same situation: we are like Seth
Morley in a Maze of Death, We have exhausted the Internet. Only
remains Becoming Clandestine.

We have to wait extra devices for such extra Familial experimentations
to reboot : I hope with BioTech In our Neuronic CrackUp a new sense of
Collective Family shall be born again.


2018-07-15 12:08 UTC+02:00, Dewey Dell <dewey.dell5 at gmail.com>:
> Hello my dear Deleuzo-Guattarians.!!.
> I have finished my reading of "Pragmatisme" by William James (1907) 8
> conferences.
> It seems there is a new edition going alongside new continental curiousity
> for Pragmatism in Europe.
> It has helped me (the chapter on Monism versus Multiplicities) to imagine
> the Origin of our Universe (Spinoza's Substance)
> was Neutral yet with depth of variation of intensities. I have yet to read
> Categories by Aristoteles to refine this appreciation
> (a young Syrian arriving from Damascus as a refugee who is an expert in
> Syria about Spinoza and Aristoteles has told me
> I could not understand Spinoza if I did not understand Aristoteles.)
> I nevertheless appreciate how W.James criticizes the rationalist approach
> about determinism and necessity
> as we find those in Spinoza.
> A friend of mine who is an expert in Isaac de Luria and Moshe de Leon,
> tells me Bergson was a early W.James reader.
> I understand better Deleuze claim in CC about "Confidence", as it comes
> explained as its root in Pragmatism, lesson 3:
> <<If the governing Force in the World is clearseeing and not blind, we can
> reasonably expect better results from it.>>
> I aswell want to say something, recently on Dank Facebook Andrew Culp has
> said that deLanda is Concrete, whereas Deleuze was Abstract
> which seems Abstract to say. Are there people reading Nick Land's
> litterature? Here? Not "Fanged Noumena" which is about Kant
> but his litterature proper? Andrew Culp has written a book criticising the
> "pragmatism" of Deleuze, his positivity, like the
> plane of composition doubling the plane of immanence. Andrew Culp over this
> prefers the exposal of Cruelty, and see a positivity in
> Negative Thinking and Negative Affects. Something stopping the World, which
> he considers as an Illusion
> Something negative enough is looked for, to stop you from writing.
> May be a way for Culp to block Deleuze is to first block deLanda, setting
> them both in this dyad "Abstract-Concrete",
> even though such a dyad is highly Abstract innit it self!
> I find the William James prospection of the kernel or core of reality
> (Deleuze 's Outside) before
> it becomes a sensation. Many possibilities for Concrete Plane of
> Composition!! James see a becoming human
> a bit like Cézanne, instead than a becoming
> woman-animal-molecular-imperceptible. The biology, the arythmetics,
> the astrological have all this mankind's watermark stamped on it, as
> anterior thoughts. We could not think without
> pre-impression??
> Is there anyway other subscribers recommanding James or Dewey here? Or any
> other recent Pragmatists, like Isabelle Stengers??
> Takk
> Dewey Dell
> PS: I send this to OFS in case DriftLine closes by aswell.
> On Mon, Jun 25, 2018 at 1:26 AM, malgosia askanas <ma at panix.com> wrote:
>> It seems to me that the way "some people" write is not an entirely
>> satisfactory explanation for what killed a list of over 500 subscribers.
>> Couldn't you have many different people writing in many different ways and
>> still have a very viable list?
>> On 2018-06-24 06:53 PM, martin hardie wrote:
>>> The problem it seems with this list, and I suspect the new, is that it
>>> some
>>> people seem to think to be Deluzian you must write like a space cadet
>>> hippy
>>> using as many jargonised words that you think sound like Deleuze. It
>>> killed
>>> this list. Let's hope their is light somewhere else. Poor old Gilles must
>>> be trying to jump out of his window again, out at least rolling in his
>>> grave.
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