[D-G] slave and master lines (a recent question to the Lists few true remaining GDeleuzian stomacs)

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sat Jul 28 12:45:55 PDT 2018

hi guys and girrls!!

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i am wondering if there's any necessity to keep this notion of 'lines'
activated on the List. i decide to delete it right now:

like the 'line of molar', 'molecular', 'destruction' and 'flight (fuite) /
creative' lines ??

may-be a thinker like Deleuze-Guattari wrote their book 1000Plateaus in
this notion is scrutinized as a matter of testing the notion, not because
they have a hidden agenda (like an idea which would resurface in a drawing
in What is Philosophy? 10
years after.)

i hardly can see Whiteheads point in saying in Science & the Modern World
that 'atoms' are living organisms.

my hidden agenda pushes me not to say why.

the other interesting or weird idea in Science & Modern World is that
Cartesian Sciences developed from the improbable combine of Religious
Textuality and Religious
importance of Sight & Vision in the Quran and the Bible. I think this
double aspect of science pertains to the human modus,
which evolves during the course of ones life, as mentioned in Multitudes
(Negri has sayth this about Deleuze)
and aswell in Mindkind, which evolves frankly but not to the point to allow
one saying the Astrologicians of Babylon a few thousand years ago had not
integrated the two aspects of Vision & Text in their study of the flying
I don't know why Whitehead had the urge to link Islam or Christianity with
Modern Science, if not for a hidden
agenda which for example might resurface when reading the fastidious and
uninteresting 'Adventure of Ideas'(1933).

anyway i am thinking: what do DG understand in 1000Plateaus by 'the
diagrams are defined by their flight lines?'

i understand a diagram as a synonym for 'big arrangements' or 'big agency'

are they just meaning that you have to escape the big agency if you want to
describe it, (as they want us to believe they imply they do)
oh, that would make so much sense with the perfect conclusion of
the1000plateau  book!!.

so their new idea of 'escape' draws the notion of 'line' got segmented into
different kinds of lines,
like 'molecular', 'molar', 'destruction' and 'creation', but it has nothing
scientific or ethical in the sense of biology botany or astro-phily. don't
try to understand Deleuze through the Outside, which is just alluded
through their drawings and words/notions as 'Outside'.

so maybe its not so much a hidden agenda ( or unthought in the process or
of something in the making) which creates the notion of 'flight line'
which  has grown so popular among their reader.s.

Deleuze just changed a few parameters in What is Philosophy, then managed a
landing in Spinoza. The Four types of Signs.

if that were true, then, this would set the question of wondering about the
real importance of reading 1000Plateaus, except from getting the sense of
the Conclusion. the 14 or so Plateaus & their affiliated Concepts, such as
Lines or Territory, are just the minor consequences of the Conclusion.

more interesting, is getting to wonder why so much the Toynbee Nomad,
who creates his own escape by taming wild beasts, instead than
harnessing fields of grasses,
is a Model for Deleuze & Guattari. Spinoza had a Free-Man Model to
relinquish too.

i think, just like Martin Hardie who wrote so many words on this List, this
current depopulation of this List stems as well
from the seeding & soaring yet gradual understanding
that making use of typical Philosophy and/or Deleuze vocabulary in Letters,
Ideas anywhere, or in Vanguard Pretense
leads but to nowhere, since this Conclusion is so basic in 1000Plateaus and
about constructing a false escape, we got to it!.

are there still people reading me capable to answer :who make some sense
out of such false ideas, whether
is it for creating a Literature, a Painting, or a Science?

Besides i don't think Philosophy as creation of the False and of the True,
has managed a viable consistence
throughout their describing of a Hidden Agenda, which was Deleuze &
Guattari N°1
Blood-Brains, bloody fractures n-1 writing appearing on the ultimate
Conclusion escapism which gathered us on this Lists so much on here in
Drift-Line!!, loosing so much hair & time when talking about our gathered
Flea Ghosts which is in Actuality the Chips Philosophy Mother of our Words.
(this was just a joke)


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