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> (...)
> One has to be more centrist than centrist (Deleuze) for new clinical and
> critical trajectories.

this comes timely & handy for our group in Perpignan: after second round,
and Macron's election,
the debate among us, runs about whether Macron is (only) a Centrist, after
and what happens if he does the reshape in the 'Code du Travail' : how does
that pledge
alligns with the 'pragmatist' stance? --> need for psychotherapy and

we have thus read tonight at Municipalité, the plateau 'ritournelle' read
out loud, collectively, from ATP, the start with the distinction
between 'milieu', 'chaos', and 'rhythm'.
this to get to a better understanding of the world as it comes shaped
around us.

someone picked up with the notion of a 'qualitative mark', and made the
that markers could either be qualitative (ie.sensation, like smell, or
color, etc) either imperceptible:
the imperceptible markers are part of the 'markers' group, and they are
just as much important
for the 'self-consciousness' and 'managment of emotions'.

ATP define Territorialising Process by a marker signature (there is a
subject: carrier
or producer of signature, the Territory belongs to this subject). this
within the context of
chaos. (the subject could grow in importance within our theoretical
there's also the notion of a 'measuring unity' gifted with
variability. (Heccéité plays role in coordination of heterogenous
space-time within ATP)
that's where ATP makes a difference: the measuring unity operates in a
confined milieu.
it is in turn, distinct with transcoding of rhythm, between milieux. they
call this the distinction between 'dogma' and
'criticism'. and third part, comes the Territoryalising Factor, and that's
the part where some in our group,
want to introduce our notion of 'self-consciousness' and 'managment of

Alain Badiou, who says we should forget about the elections, talks/writes
about a duality he observes between capitalism
and communism. the latter calls forth a 'collective forms of managment of
productive means, credit and exchanges' and 'end of separate state'.

this comes timely talks about forthcoming privatization of the web.
previous us. administration favored homogeneity, heterogeneity not, but
now some AT&P and Verizon, would lobby for 'having more quality www.' and
for that there needs to be 'work done', and thus,
investment, and thus the like of AT&P and Verizon. such goes the arguments
of other groups we saw yesterday on the web.

so that's what our group was about to come up with, in terms of horizon,
context. in our discussions at the Municipalité, since the French election.

it seems that Earth/Land Priority, the Gravity factor comes in physical
contact with the 'Code du Travail': if
we record 'self-consciousness' as a De-Gravitation off : to be 'more
centrist' than Macron. And considering,
how hardly, did we become with markers to Territorialise 'credit' and
'exchange': it seems they come,
already written in the space-time milieu and the main problem seems to be ,
within our managment
of emotions, and of 'opinions', to understand: how (are we wanting) to
relate with our 'representation' of this milieu?
-- for example: am i wanting to be ready to, with ease, change job, get
fired, and have the option or not, to take a six month job, and trust
the milieu, or the 'measuring unity', that i should, in such circumstances
find a (possibly repeating) match between this situation,
and my 'self-consciousness' and its desire of a progressive evolution, into
that? is that yes or not Oedipian? OR
-- should i instead want to be inscribed by the existing 'Code du Travail',
the ones warrants are offered by the Unions, to the quality of my
self-consciousness in the milieu, as if within a protection, (> how does
this imply a
protection of the milieu? the milieu would become protected by the
'measuring unity'? which one? am I able to vote for or against it? )
and sort of translate the conflict within the 'representative' level. OR
-- would I want the Inscribtion in my Life of the qualititative (&
imperceptible)  markers, of the likes of AT&T and Verizon, or at the
contrary the 'collective forms of managments'
 to be expressive of the movements of 'self-consciousness' (whose?)  and
reflect, becoming of credit and exchange markers,
variations in transcodage between existing self-consciousnesses, 'managment
of emotions'? 'whose?' ATP recalls how the Spider integrates a fragment of
another Code 'as such': the Fly,
in its web. that's a transcodage, or transcoding.  yet, not yet what
happens in a Territory, what happens in a next phase: with a Domain,

with a Signature.

So we are allowed: we ask ourselves, if we the system, we the people, we
the digital age, the electronic signatures, the models in 3d, the templates
that can be
purchased or exchanged, how do they relate with Dimension, instead than
with Direction. ? how does that relate with
the 'Representative' level, which btw can stand as a neutral blocker agent
(cfr last post) on a fixating 'ressentment'.?
so that the 'Representative' level, can  we ask ourselves: how is it
differing from the 'Measuring Unity' in the space-time? how exchangable
is it with it? Don't we need to Integrate it, if we want to be Centrists?
Would an Anonymous Artificial Intelligence, dispatching in an Augmented
Reality (carrier of qualitative
and imperceptible marks in movements) : such A.I. becoming a Measuring
Unity, in a digital milieu, become able to stand fully soon, as a
'Representative' level. warranting "signature recognition exchanges"?
this question seems now to be the basis of Deleuze distinction between at
least 3 Type of Societies: 'Feudal', 'Disciplinary' and 'Control'.
How to protect my self-consciousness, within a context of various movements
of deterr. and reterr. (cfr.example the writingbook/vinyl/architecture/-
emerging at the occasion of the transcodage between an organization and
another. How to Inscribe Heterogeneity of Components
within the Managment of our Self-Consciousness? (in defense of our Mind -
Clarity to the nextofkin.)

how to choose for a Measuring Unity which would be common to the three or
more competing Types of Society?
What would be the Qualitative Markers of such a Fractured Domain?

These are our Perpignan Municipal groups questions, which came aroused by
the most recent activity on the French Elections,
and their portrayal on the web since Monday Morning.

It's unlikely that anybody can answer by just 'going to the streets', but
we opine its one of the best solutions.
At least that's what we came up to as a palabra/conclusion tonight in our

Have a good one everyone!!!

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