[D-G] what about microglial pruning of the System in 2017 ?

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'GDNF (glial derived neurotrophic factor) levels in the midbrain appear
to be reduced in Parkinson's disease patients. As GDNF was first
identified as a survival and differentiation factor for midbrain
dopaminergic neurons, this suggests that alterations in GDNF signaling
may contribute to the etiology of this devastating disease.....Mutations
or fuisions of c-ret have been associated with several types of cancer
including papillary thyroid carcinomas (PTC), multiple endocrine
neoplasia type 2 (MEN2), pheochromocytoma, and parathyroid
hyperplasia....In at least some cases of oncogenic mutations, full
activation of the mutant receptor requires the presence of a GDNF
ligand, indicating that dimerization alone does not create an optimal
conformation for activation of the ret tyrosinbe kinase activity.'
(Reichardt LF, The Glial Cell-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Signaling
Pathway, Inborn Errors of Development: The Molecular Basis of Clinical
Disorders of Morphogenesis)

Medaka, Zebrafish and Xiphophorus are fish models for cancer including
previously-mentioned melanoma. Glial prunings will link to the new
Russian Roulette for skin cancer, with holes in the ozone:

Cutaneous Malignancies

One has to be more centrist than centrist (Deleuze) for new clinical and
critical trajectories.

Zebrafish GDNF

Regards, ML

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>I have come across such thoughts!
> tonight after discussing the whole night with peers,
> in a club in the Municipalité.
>I thus share them with an hypothesis :
>it has been assumed by various scientifical studies,
>that schizophrenia if the corpses of schizophrenic
>brains have been studied a show of lower level of synapses.
>recent studies of hypothesis, are that the brain needs constant
>regeneration. this can in a darwinian line of evolution, be granted,
>by 'pruning', which is the constant 'refresh' or deletion of brain
>elements. (like for instances during certain sleep phases)-
>so, recent studies in fall 2016 focuses on inflamation due to
>the acceleration of the phagociting microglias. an hypothesis of mine,
>would be that, if dg true, then, everyone being a schizophrenic,
>some slight or strong periods of phagocyting stretching: as needs
>between our distorting anchorages of emotions. i say the brain
>and the recorded by institution, episodes of schizophrenia, and
>difficulties in
>overides in those pruning repetitions, such is the hypothesis: come
>a conflict between disjunctions (distorting anchorages) and a blocker
>by this i mean that the disjunction and the stretching, are part of the
>natural emotional process. the brain operates in that responsible
>i guess that if there is schizophrenia, as recorded as such by the
>it most often comes from a conflict causing troublesome distress in the
>for example, friends or family complaining
>about the potential patients 'mental' or 'affective' disorder.
>in any case, psychotherapy's role, or schizo-analysis, potential, lay
>giving this
>patients mental or conceptual 'keys' to ruling/self-regulating his/her
>brain charge of distress.
>for example, if that be the case, and the patient , by
>regulates/rules against the distressing factor (we come unable
>to distinguish, because of the collective unconscious reality, between
>distress to oneself or to the nextofkin)
>the role of the psycho-analyst, lay into enabling the patient
> to acknowledge the presence of a neutral blocker agent in the
>environment. (his env.; also nextofkin's environmnt.)
>so , i'd say, it lay in distinguishing between the neutral blocker
>and the imperceptible self-consciousness.
>what can we call 'blocker agent'?
>it is what is different from the siege of emotions which
>stands for.
>it is the felt cause of the effect of pruning, the 'ressentiment'
>the clinical association or proof that
>you don't have yet, a self-consciousness, capable to self-manage your
>my hypothesis is also that the 'collective unconscious', the network,
> needs pruning, dreaming awake.
>hypothetic comes back: what if florian philipot and marin lepen's
>movement were not part
>of such a massive pruning/phagocyting glial activity?
>i would in deed venture to say, that they are part of a massive
>ressentment against the blocker agent.
>the neutral and the imperceptible, need to establish synaptic
>both in each subjectivitie's brain,
>and in the network.
>Mélenchon is the answer!! He is the system! Everyone is the System!
>my best & kind regards,
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