[D-G] what about microglial pruning of the System in 2017 ?

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu May 4 17:21:21 PDT 2017


I have come across such thoughts!
 tonight after discussing the whole night with peers,
 in a club in the Municipalité.
I thus share them with an hypothesis :

it has been assumed by various scientifical studies,
that schizophrenia if the corpses of schizophrenic
brains have been studied a show of lower level of synapses.

recent studies of hypothesis, are that the brain needs constant
regeneration. this can in a darwinian line of evolution, be granted,
by 'pruning', which is the constant 'refresh' or deletion of brain
elements. (like for instances during certain sleep phases)-

so, recent studies in fall 2016 focuses on inflamation due to
the acceleration of the phagociting microglias. an hypothesis of mine,
would be that, if dg true, then, everyone being a schizophrenic,
some slight or strong periods of phagocyting stretching: as needs happens
between our distorting anchorages of emotions. i say the brain inflamation,
and the recorded by institution, episodes of schizophrenia, and
difficulties in
overides in those pruning repetitions, such is the hypothesis: come from
a conflict between disjunctions (distorting anchorages) and a blocker agent.

by this i mean that the disjunction and the stretching, are part of the
natural emotional process. the brain operates in that responsible

i guess that if there is schizophrenia, as recorded as such by the
it most often comes from a conflict causing troublesome distress in the
for example, friends or family complaining
about the potential patients 'mental' or 'affective' disorder.

in any case, psychotherapy's role, or schizo-analysis, potential, lay in
giving this
patients mental or conceptual 'keys' to ruling/self-regulating his/her
brain charge of distress.

for example, if that be the case, and the patient , by self-consciousness,
regulates/rules against the distressing factor (we come unable
to distinguish, because of the collective unconscious reality, between the
distress to oneself or to the nextofkin)
the role of the psycho-analyst, lay into enabling the patient
 to acknowledge the presence of a  neutral blocker agent in the
environment. (his env.; also nextofkin's environmnt.)

so , i'd say, it lay in distinguishing between the neutral blocker agent,
and the imperceptible self-consciousness.

what can we call 'blocker agent'?

it is what is different from the siege of emotions which self-consciousness
stands for.
it is the felt cause of the effect of pruning, the 'ressentiment' factor.
the clinical association or proof that
you don't have yet, a self-consciousness, capable to self-manage your

my hypothesis is also that the 'collective unconscious', the network,
 needs pruning, dreaming awake.

hypothetic comes back: what if florian philipot and marin lepen's electoral
movement were not part
of such a massive pruning/phagocyting glial activity?

i would in deed venture  to say, that they are part of a massive
ressentment against the blocker agent.
the neutral and the imperceptible, need to establish synaptic connection,
both in each subjectivitie's brain,
and in the network.
Mélenchon is the answer!! He is the system! Everyone is the System!
my best & kind regards,

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