[D-G] My Early TV Experiences in the South East of France. by J.P.

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu May 4 08:39:38 PDT 2017


     Yesterday Evening at 9PM at the Perpignan Municipal Sport TV Club,
we had a show with the two French Pres.candidates (LePen & Macron).
As said last month on the DG List, we support Mélenchon.
But 23d April, he lost. Or he came 19.5 . He has strong chances to win
in 2022, if we manage to win the subjectivity battle. LePen did only 21.3,
and Macron 24. Yesterday's debate was 'bruising' according to the Guardian,
some french radios have labelled 'a civilization debate'. I on my side,
during the debate,
was thinking about K.G.Jung and his
theory of the 'collective unconscious'. How Psychotherapy is our last tool
in fighting for our Subjectivities. LePen crowds do not affiliate to Pope
Hence her relative freedom in trying to reach out in 'subjectivity' in
Lebanon, and in V.Putin Russia.
I put 'subjectivity' in brackets, as I admit the concept not clear to my
I am looking most specifically for the concept of what stands 'between' our
subjectivities, whatever they be.
It is literally 'beyond good and evil' in the nietzschean sense. On twitter
yesterday night animated gif were exchanged and people called 'la grosse',
a kind of what she
looks to me: 'evil fairy'.  I agree. To have it on the collective TV is so
I think though, it was courageous of Macron,
to fight it. He is a Knight, did not find him not 'arrogant'like some
formatter had ventured.
 I am in opinion he will know in his guts, an impression of the
'civilization' she LePen stood for that night. What is actually a
'civilization'.? : I learned
also by Alain Badiou on last/next august2017-Eric Alliez' book on mai68,
(cfr.the last winter 'contre-courant' video),
that Ideology Dominant is
what is producing our Subjectivity. For the Independency and Clarity of
Judgement of a Subjectivity's sake:
Ideology & Mental Imagery rampage such a rally as LePen's last night did,
thru media broadcast, formated/formating viral attacks, is a sickness, like
rubella is.
My reckon' is that inspiration in fighting it can come from Media Wall
Refurbishment and most important:
K.G.Jung's PsychoTherapy guidelines acceptance
by the LePen followers.
Not that you have to blindly accept Macron guidelines, but 2 accept his
fight against
Ideology Dominant (his call for 'pragmatism' is such: it means: 'trust
psycho-therapy'! 'trust schizo-analysis!'):
we can side with EnMarcheMacron, for the time he's with us, and when 2022
comes, we thoroughly sip/see where Mélenchon
can lead us: that is the motto of our 6th republican subjectivity: a sip in
our (subj.)understanding of variants of crack-ups
spanning across the global horizon, to which Macron can pledge France
inhabitants, can crave a share
beyond the evil endorsement of anchorage on any subjectivities.  our
subjectivities come first,
whatever subjectivity stands for. Vive Mélenchon! Egalité Liberté

Trust our Best Regards,
by TV Correspondant from Perpignan,


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