[D-G] Marburg-Melanoma Trajectories

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Wed May 3 11:40:33 PDT 2017

The disappearance of information published in three dimensions (books,
journals, etc.) exemplifies the problematics when investigating the
Melanoma-Marburg connection:

'Since a correlation was suggested between antibody reactivity and
prognosis in patients with melanoma in Uganda (Lewis, 1967), there has
been considerable interest in the immunobiology of human melanoma. In
this study two cohorts of patients were identified, one with rapid
progression of disease until death and the other with prolonged
(Medical Oncology, Ch. 21 Melanoma)

Lewis's study, however, is now more difficult to access:

Lewis, MG, Possible Immunological Factors in Human Malignant Melanoma in
Uganda (1967)

The immunology is similar to the 1967 Marburg outbreak:

'Certainly there was no evidence of increased mortality in vervet
monkeys infected in Uganda. The finding of CF and/or neutralizing
antibody in 3 monkey trappers indicates that human infection has
occurred in Uganda. There was no report of a disease syndrome similar to
that seen in the European laboratory workers in these individuals or in
their associates. Our findings fit the conclusion that an agent closely
related to the "Marburg" agent, but with little if any virulence for
monkeys, is present in Uganda and was active during August-September
1961....Using a crude antigen prepared from the livers of guinea pigs
infected with Marburg virus, a rise in complement fixation antibody was
demonstrated in the sera of nine Cercopithecus aethiops originally
trapped near Lake Kyoga.'
(Martini and Siegert, eds., Marburg Virus Disease, pp. 174-5)

Thus, the Internet-Delivered Skin Cancer Genetic Testing Intervention
for April 2017 linking the melanocortin-1 gene must also include the
African genome. Those in France may do better to retrieve the citation
for the French female who patented an anti-HIV-1 topical based on the
opiomelanocortin pathway, which is extant in Chemical Abstracts, circa
1990s. A linking report is from the Journal of Infectious Diseases,
2007: 'Preventing the Sexual Transmission of HIV-1 with Topical
Microbicides: Another Piece of the Equation.' The story of Russian
Marburg bioweaponeering at such places as Zagorsk (Sergiev Posad) must
also go back to at least 1961. It is now possible to begin to link
specific wavelengths of UV radiation to the genes that they upregulate
or suppress in fish such as Xiphophorus maculatus. How will cancer art
express these wavelengths? 

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