[D-G] Hyphénation de l'HyperObjet ( firstsampling)

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In the mechanosphere, the nicotine molecule physically interferes with
beta-sheet amyloid folding in Alzheimer's plaque. The critical binding
distance for curare is 14 Angstroms and the spike height of poliovirus
is 17 Angstroms. Heat-shock proteins in all organisms translate to
warming globals as a barn owl arrives in Saami country, where there is
no word for 'barn' in their mother tongue.

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>"Hyperobjects seem to inhabit a Humean causal system in which
>correlation, and probability are the only things we have to go on, for
>That's why it is so easy for Big Tobacco and global warming deniers: of
>course there is no direct proof of a causal link.
>Post-Humean causality is by no means a matter of "objective" versus
>"subjective" impressions, let alone a matter of human reality versus
>non-human reality. It's a matter of how entities manifest for other
>entities, whether they are human, or sentient, or not."
>(from)-Timothy Morton.Hyperobjects- Massively Invisible Objects. p37.
> also:
>"Thinking in terms of units counteracts problematic features of
thinking in
>terms of systems.(..)By seeing the energy in the black box as discrete
>quanta ("units"), the correct result is obtained."
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