[D-G] Hyphénation de l'HyperObjet ( firstsampling)

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Fri Mar 10 21:38:33 PST 2017

"Hyperobjects seem to inhabit a Humean causal system in which association,
correlation, and probability are the only things we have to go on, for now.

That's why it is so easy for Big Tobacco and global warming deniers: of
course there is no direct proof of a causal link.

Post-Humean causality is by no means a matter of "objective" versus
"subjective" impressions, let alone a matter of human reality versus
non-human reality. It's a matter of how entities manifest for other
entities, whether they are human, or sentient, or not."

(from)-Timothy Morton.Hyperobjects- Massively Invisible Objects. p37.



"Thinking in terms of units counteracts problematic features of thinking in
terms of systems.(..)By seeing the energy in the black box as discrete
quanta ("units"), the correct result is obtained."

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