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Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Fri Mar 10 08:25:11 PST 2017

SC p. 42:

The promotion of innovative forms of consultation and collective
interaction, and, in the long run, a reinvention of democracy.
La promotion de formes novatrices le concertation et d'interactivite
collective, et, a terme, une re-invention de la democratie.
Pooshchrenie novatorskikh form konsul'tatsii i kollektivnogo
vzaimodestviia, i, v dolgosrochnoi perspektive m nepreizobretenie

La miniaturisation et la personnalisation des euipements, une
re-singularisation des moyens d'expression mediatises;
The miniaturization and personalization of apparatuses, a
rersingularization od mediatized means of expression;
Miniaturizatsii i personalizatsii apparatov, resingularization
mediatized sredstv vyrazheniia;

The multiplication to infinity of 'existential shifters' permitting
access to creative mutant Universes.
Umozhenie do beskonechnosti ekzistential'nyi perekliuchiteliami,
pozvoliaiushchie dostup k tvorcheskim mutant Vselennykh.' 

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