[D-G] New (Philosdoph) Developments on the Web

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Brueghel, Spanish Netherlands

'able to trigger an ATM' (SC p. 64)
'a sort of ontological stamp, a decreeing of existential
neccesitation.'' (p. 164)
'my parking permit sets off the mechanism of the entrance barrier.'(p.
'but after having crossed the Atlantic this proposition became "Cracks
in the Text of the State" '(p. 253)
'the cracking is displaced from molar ensembles to molecular
intensities....'(p. 259)
'overcoded, as a function of the global requirements of the
system....Brueghel....corporeal modification.'('p. 10)

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>Hi Listers.
>Quick notes from the internut class underground.
>The Original, VS the Stamp.
>Child: when draws: operates, Stamp Procedural.
>a guy is mind-applied, pre-de-composed in two hands, two arms, two
>two feetts , a trunk, a head, and two ears nostrils and eyes.
>The Adult BWO, adds up freeflow into Draw: Light-Variation, driven by
>push&pull line with dancing feed-backs, Self-Consciousness Upper-Head
>the Cracks in the Procedural Module (hot and immediate feedback which
>the Zen Line)
>VS Child : The Stamp: the words, the dashes, the virgules said by DG "
>fill the canvas as so many "singularities ???",
>-indiosynchratic: limited due to small number in the philo-sophistic
>Originals' systems., of Philo-History.
>The Original: how she strolls along between easels, in the Nude Model
>Each students Originality in'style, notices she, is decidedly doing
>Communion, after 18year old: the Teenager steals her Freedom from the
>(Not found much Help in DG WIP? advises: Have to read "George Didi
>Huberman's "La Peinture Incarnée", with "Le Chef D'Ouvre Inconnu" de
>Honoré", )
>(Not found much Color-Light in Paul Klee's various writings.)
>So, are the Easels, Paradigmatic? Is Bonnard, and Degas and Matisse,,
>Drawing Paradigms?
>-> A Re-Instauration of Procedural Drawing?
>Or can the Teen-Ager DG analysis of VanGogh's dashes as concepts help
us to
>escape from Adult World?
>Une Bonne Poignée de Main,
>2017-03-05 17:50 GMT+01:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:
>> Yes, we left the typo in the thread title. We're still hwere, in the
>> gooey curare-resin ("Chewy, can you hear me, see me?!") and have
>> done parallel graphics for some language lines (Russian example),
>> because the peripheral eye can pick up the parallel language as their
>> (saccade) moves along. It is, of course, a mimesis of poor Chinese
>> people who used to use glow-worms. If there were a drawing
>> one could sketch out, for example, some of D&G's graphics in their
>> hand, which exercise indeed goes into the machinic unconscious. We
>> forms emerging, Guattari's schizoanalysis applied to Marguerite
>> If we could draw what we see in our heads, it would be something like
>> Spinoza passing by Porete's body fastened to the burning scaffold, in
>> comparison to G's symbol for decidability. Should Spinoza continue on
>> and not let anyone see he is interested or seduced by such an
>> scene?
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