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Oh yes, with only a few notes, even one note. The certain sheen on the
nose, etc. Your message requires more study than we give it now. Our
purpose was to "draw" Guattari's Figure 1.2 in SC for comparison with
the Porete rhizome:

Fig. 1.2 Actual Virtual

Possible Phi: Phylum of U: Universe of 
actual possibility virtual possibility

Real F: Flux of T: Territories of
actual real virtual real

There should show two horizontal columns and two vertical columns. Next
we add the fact that Porete's burning mimics the modus operandi against
rodents, whereby the ashe4s of the rodent will be spread around in order
to frighten other rodents away. Theo and the State agent accomplished a
capitalist signification when Porete was burned at the stake 1 June
1310, Place de Greve, Paris. Furthermore, Porete's home country would go
on to become the Spanish Netherlands, and we implicate in that rhizome
two other connections regardless of time:

1.) Abel Grimmer (1570-1620) painter, Spanish Netherlands, a Catholic
area south of the Protestant north.

2.) Cheryl Grimmer, disappeared from the coast of Australia.

We now have a tentative DNA link to other coastal disappearances such as
that of Madeleine McCann. Madeleine's hometown of Rothley links to
William Wilberforce, the abolitionist, and his Knights Templar
connection links back to Porete's region and its history of their
suppression. Church-and-State sacrificial capitalism on the north-south
axis, the economic axis?

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> hi again.
>(-Chaosmosis )IndianaUnivPress p50-:+--)<<the example of the pentatonic
>musical refrain which, with only a few notes, catalyses the Debussyst
>constellation of multiple Universes:
>-- the Wagnerian Universe surrounding Parsifal, which attaches itself
>the existential Territory constituted by Bayreuth;
>-- the Universe of Gregorian chant;
>-- that of French music, with the return to favour of Rameau and
>-- that of Chopin, due to a nationalist transposition (Ravel, for his
>appropriating Liszt);
>-- the Javanese music Debussy discovered at the Universal Exposition of
>-- the world of Manet and Mallarmé, which is associated with Debussy's
>at the Villa Médicis.
>in relation to my lastpost on drawing's procedurality, i was just
>towards this Chaosmosis passage.
>(Guattari mentioned how ATM cash machines a-signifying point signs may
>trigger themselves (one day?) into ontic Universes.
>&he gives the Debussys Universe as an example of that)-
>I am wondering how the Drawing Procedural post I had sent yesterday and
>this passage in Chaosmosis could soon echo-stick one into the other,
>(my) random notes: -- "Parsifal Universe" refers in Guattari's mind, to
>notion of Territory & Earth (before-the-root)
> -- "Gregorian" may refer either to history of musicology (a root)
> -- "..Rameau-Couperin.." contemporaneous layer into a musical
> -- "Chopin" some geo-politic (flowers & thorns) in music
> -- "Javanese" might b linked 2 a BWO.
> -- music relation w other arts.
>so, (Debussyst)"constellation" is the collection of the latter[s] as
>(multiple) (or ontic ) "Universes".
>honestly do You in your opinion think that Guattari is being procedural
>that (de)-composition of Debussy?
> he says it will catalyse "with only a few notes", how far is that
>could we wonder to be allowed to ask for the reproducibility of the
>truth embedded in this statement,
>at each play of a few notes of pentatonic Debussy??
>what is the "ontic" of music, do they some how relate to the
>2017-03-06 19:09 GMT+01:00 Johnatan Petterson
<internet.petterson at gmail.com>
>> Hi Listers.
>> Quick notes from the internut class underground.
>> The Original, VS the Stamp.
>> Child: when draws: operates, Stamp Procedural.
>> a guy is mind-applied, pre-de-composed in two hands, two arms, two
>> two feetts , a trunk, a head, and two ears nostrils and eyes.
>> The Adult BWO, adds up freeflow into Draw: Light-Variation, driven by
>> push&pull line with dancing feed-backs, Self-Consciousness Upper-Head
>> the Cracks in the Procedural Module (hot and immediate feedback which
>> the Zen Line)
>> VS Child : The Stamp: the words, the dashes, the virgules said by DG
" to
>> fill the canvas as so many "singularities ???",
>> -indiosynchratic: limited due to small number in the philo-sophistic
>> Originals' systems., of Philo-History.
>> The Original: how she strolls along between easels, in the Nude Model
>> Class,
>> Each students Originality in'style, notices she, is decidedly doing
>> Communion, after 18year old: the Teenager steals her Freedom from the
>> World.
>> (Not found much Help in DG WIP? advises: Have to read "George Didi
>> Huberman's "La Peinture Incarnée", with "Le Chef D'Ouvre Inconnu" de
>> Honoré", )
>> (Not found much Color-Light in Paul Klee's various writings.)
>> So, are the Easels, Paradigmatic? Is Bonnard, and Degas and Matisse,,
>> Drawing Paradigms?
>> -> A Re-Instauration of Procedural Drawing?
>> Or can the Teen-Ager DG analysis of VanGogh's dashes as concepts help
>> to escape from Adult World?
>> Une Bonne Poignée de Main,
>> J.P.
>> 2017-03-05 17:50 GMT+01:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:
>>> Yes, we left the typo in the thread title. We're still hwere, in the
>>> gooey curare-resin ("Chewy, can you hear me, see me?!") and have
>>> done parallel graphics for some language lines (Russian example),
>>> because the peripheral eye can pick up the parallel language as
>>> (saccade) moves along. It is, of course, a mimesis of poor Chinese
>>> people who used to use glow-worms. If there were a drawing
>>> one could sketch out, for example, some of D&G's graphics in their
>>> hand, which exercise indeed goes into the machinic unconscious. We
>>> forms emerging, Guattari's schizoanalysis applied to Marguerite
>>> If we could draw what we see in our heads, it would be something
>>> Spinoza passing by Porete's body fastened to the burning scaffold,
>>> comparison to G's symbol for decidability. Should Spinoza continue
>>> and not let anyone see he is interested or seduced by such an
>>> scene?
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