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In Didi-Huberman's book on Hysteria, it is Augustine who we compare with
Rosa de Lima:

'Born into the baroque era's "veritable corpus of macabre eroticism,"
(9) Rosa de Lima maintained a rigor of mortifications that render
Benedict's naked wallow in the bramble bed modest. Like Cathe4rine of
Siena preceeding her, Rosa engaged in a voluptuous, cruel agenda of
self-torture inextricably linked to her mystical preparation for Christ
the Bridegroom, who sanctioned and encouraged her mortifications,
planning later to "enjoy her as his Wife eternally."(10) When one
recalls that the speaking subject of Christ's discourse is Rosa herself,
Rosa's discourse of the Other, and when we view the drama with the
Bridegroom's presence restored to the imaginary realm that brought it
forth, it then becomes especially evident that Rosa's mortifications
served an agenda other than the purported Divine one, that a rationale
was invented to sanction the desire for the suffering that preceded it.
For Rosa as for Benedict in his brambles, the transformation of sexual
pleasure into self-inflicted pain was accompanied by it inversion: Pain
became pleasure, as eroticized as it was sanctified.'
(Graziano, Divine Violence: Spectacle Psychosexuality, & Radical
Christianity in the Argentine "Dirty War"p. 150)

Rather than Freud, another of his inner circle remarked that the female
who aligns herself with the Christian Trinity has two basic choices:
ecstatic melancholy or living her life thinking of herself as a male
homosexual. Mt. Juliet, Tennessee, was first to offer itself as a model
sanctuary city for incoming islamo-migrants. Not far away is the
gunpowder mine, counterpart to Saltpietre Hospital. 

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