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Sat Mar 4 16:53:16 PST 2017

Perhaps, yes.
On Mar 4, 2017 7:49 PM, "John Young" <jya at pipeline.com> wrote:

> All subscribers still here eternally unsubbed, twenty-plus years deeper in
> mire. All bitter at backing wrong nag bettor philosophers, except the
> better off soon dead surviving on the indigestible morsels of immortal
> roman a chefs D-G. Appreciation for the dumpster divinity diving.
> At 07:25 PM 3/4/2017, you wrote:
>> Hello . I am unsure of how many people are still subscribed to this
>> server that used to be posting mails which have been inscribed in the
>> archives which i have browsed thru like in a reverie & into which i spent
>> the saturday night fever. and really found some gems!, actually followed
>> thru by & from many different aliases and  various real actors. now this
>> one remains amongst one of the most problematic for my own understanding of
>> whose mechanics into which   in those times the list was being populated
>> and curated,: * * * * * * *€€€€€€€€€€â‚‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬
>> €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â‚€€€€€€€€€€€€€
>> €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â‚€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
>> €€€€€€€€€€€€€â‚€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
>> €€€€€€€€€â‚€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€ * * * * * *From:
>> "isa" <ketchup-AT-fish.-AT-fish.co.jp <http://ketchup-AT-fish.co.jp>>
>> Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 10:45:12 +0200 Subject: =?ISO-8859-1?B?pyA=?=fun *
>> Users, Sometimes its hard not to cut the flow of messages prompting without
>> another message. May be some are like me, and need a parallel
>> Deleuze/Guattari list, where we could seize the possibility of a common
>> graphic interface, on which, anonymously, each user could draw, not
>> necessarly write. The list owner, or some of this server users interested
>> by this proposition could build this web page. Or take inspiration from
>> this: [snip: an url no longer updated was being here provided] site. I
>> don't know anything in website construction, but would be happy to
>> contribute with anyone willing to spare time to an alternative project, to
>> the impossibility to write one can experience sometimes. Is it seductive?
>> :)Isa €€€€€€€â€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚
>> ¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬
>> €€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â
>> ‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€€â¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬€€€€€€€€€€€€€€
>> it's also ‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬â‚¬ it's also interesting if it happens we are ready
>> to seek the meaning of how we could manage such a list on 2017's internet.
>> (i say "we" and i know well i cannot do it on my own or here bring this
>> proposition with people working for me, and also understand that the list
>> owner shall not feel to reply like anon to the meaning which this 'isa'
>> ketchup at fish subscriber has by a unique mail written into a cartesian
>> mind, once i share this meaning with you here) --> what can it tell us?
>> [let's set aside the derisive ending of the message] - let me explain
>> what's the appeal of this proposal to me: i am interested, because my job
>> is 100% into the refurbishing of old walls, with plastics and  all kinds of
>> 3dprinted materials. in order to do this print i am forced to use a 3d
>> software. i have to struggle so hard to find the right 3d software. i thus
>> go on forums on the internet, subscribe to the mailing lists, and there ask
>> for 3d freelancers and meet in skype with Ceos of a new start-ups experts
>> in code (nodes and graphics)   transfers: code treatment between
>> (previously) non compatible 3d apps. that's why i meet the Ceos of tomorrow
>> in skipe.. i am thus told how soon everything is going to be open and so
>> speed-up with the softwares, that even philosophers will have leisures such
>> as be able to draw and refurbish old walls. they will no longer feel like
>> not having the time to study softwares, they'll skip hurdles in mailing
>> lists, and want to elicit the right touch in a refurbisher software, and
>> hire and curate their own software development & other construction workers
>> in teams of 2x5x10x20, or more... i go everyday as well explore the fields
>> in the Architecture Industry, and contemplate the young architects and the
>> graphic designers, how are they getting acquainted with philosophy in
>> university. (some are so very young i'd say, and they study physics
>> bio-engeneering, and meta-data from the start, as it is written by Ceos in
>> the core of their programs). And these are some trends of philosophy which
>> precisely disclassify interdisciplinarity, and priviledge research and
>> experimental research, over inter-disciplinarity!! Ask yourself: are you
>> yourself (in order to start the conversation in this place) a philosopher?
>> have you ever had such a leisure? say like Baruch Spinoza with glass
>> polishing, or Emmanuel Kant having dinner within a very strict schedule
>> repeated day after day , afternoon after afternoon, the same way, people
>> being entertained by your press readings during the afternoon tea with an
>> exquise cosmopolitan conversation?) i think the meaning of 'isa''s post
>> today, what can happen with our thoughts once we handle them in a computer
>> could help us to become slender like Kant, or become witty like Aristotle,
>> as with other peers handle their mediums from one computer to the next, be
>> it owned by a single actor, or by so limited number (on this server) adding
>> themselves as various actors building a common project in a common network,
>> bridged like other networks, to the 2017's internet. You have read well:
>> it's a proposal. In Close Expectation, Best Regards - Johnatan Petterson
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