[D-G] New (Philosdoph) Developments on the Web

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Sun Mar 5 08:50:21 PST 2017

Yes, we left the typo in the thread title. We're still hwere, in the
gooey curare-resin ("Chewy, can you hear me, see me?!") and have already
done parallel graphics for some language lines (Russian example),
because the peripheral eye can pick up the parallel language as their
(saccade) moves along. It is, of course, a mimesis of poor Chinese
people who used to use glow-worms. If there were a drawing capability,
one could sketch out, for example, some of D&G's graphics in their own
hand, which exercise indeed goes into the machinic unconscious. We see
forms emerging, Guattari's schizoanalysis applied to Marguerite Porete.
If we could draw what we see in our heads, it would be something like
Spinoza passing by Porete's body fastened to the burning scaffold, in
comparison to G's symbol for decidability. Should Spinoza continue on
and not let anyone see he is interested or seduced by such an audacious

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