[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

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You are fortunate to access Fr. CS. Then you can see Trivalent synapses
and the domains F, Phi U & T. Since memories are machines, one can begin
to put SC to practical use right away. For example, one's perception of
architecture will change.

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>Holà Mike.
>Found p54of french Cart.Schiz. your englishp37.
>related for architecture, and wall refurbishing and construction
> the extract, as written
>in the list yesterday looked (to me) like a
>condensé of Ed.Said Orientalism.yet i also browsed in the book,
>and found, p96 (about [gr.lettr.]Phi as a category of exo-reference.)
>(...)Les mémoires elles-mêmes ne sont pas de simples enregistrements
>passifs. Toutes les
>mémoires sont des machines. Toutes les machines sont des mémoires.
>seq.?: about les plus-values potentielles..)-
>(((memories themselves are no mere passive records. all memories are
>machines,, all machines are memories ))))
>Guattari's p54 CartSchz extract can be read as self-Guattari-referent.
>both the destructive, and the mimetic components.
>relation in architecture with new molecular révolutions seen p55 (end
>§)& role of cartography in architecture.
>i take a day off tomorrow (go see a movie show in Barcelona)
>so can't warrant regularity on list, but will try if there's wii-Phi.
>2017-02-25 20:24 GMT+01:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:
>> The adoption to absurdity is exemplified in petroleum addiction,
>> trillions of homothetic images become normalized.
>> If homology is similarity attributed to a common origin, Deleuze
>> the homothetic in LOS: the Colonizer places the significations onto
>> surface3 of the earth as emblematic of its regime. Some of the
>> might like to see the French text of this passage in cyberspace.
>> Homothetic, Gk. theticos 'fit for placing'; orig. formed as French
>> homothetique -- more at thetic: similar and similarly oriented --
>> of geometric figures.
>> Guattari's homothetic is in at least two places, pp. 27 and 149 of
>> G's p. 37 resonjates with D's use of it in LOS:
>> 'Let me explain: for all times, and whatever its historical avatars
>> might be, capitalist drive has always knotted together two
>> components: one, that I characterize as deterritorializing, of the
>> destruction of social territories, collective identities and
>> systems of value. The other, of the recopmposition, even by the molst
>> artificial of means, of individuated personological frameworks,
>> of power and models of submission that are, if not formally similar
>> those that it has destroyed, at least homothetic to them from a
>> functional point of view. It is this latter that I characterize as a
>> movement of reterritorialization.'
>> (SC p. 37)
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