[D-G] Freud and Oedipus

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Mon Feb 20 16:40:05 PST 2017

If graphism is linked to eye-pain, then the flip-side of eye-pain,
fascism, may link to the father, according to Woolf. Does Deleuze's
father-brother-sister substitutions still hold?

' In the 1930s some intellectuals (including Olivetti, Gentile, Bottai
and Arena) sought to draw up a Corporate State which would dominate from
above all economic organizations, acting as arbiter between employer and
employee, and suppressing the the egoism of individuals and the
sectional interests of groups in favour of the superior interests of the
This was an illusion, and recent writers have shown how, despite the
corporate laws of 1934, the fascist government was never impartial
between capital and labour or above the differences that divided
capitalists and proletarians. While the great industrialists, who were
on excellent terms with the regime, had placed their ablest advocates
among those who represented the employers, the workers' brief was often
in the hand of lawyers, teachers, propagandists, and men of doubtful
ability in the field of labour disputes. The latent conflicts were
resolved in a spirit of paternalism; true, the decision quite often went
in the workers' favour; but the structure remained a fiction.'
(Woolf SJ, The Nature of Fascism) 

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