[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Sun Feb 26 08:37:54 PST 2017

There are two more consistencies to add to the other two that comprise
Trivalent synapses, and complete Guattari's four domains:

'consistency T (10, 3) (arrow over the parenthesis, pointed from left to
right, as in the arrow for (91)), one has a (structurally closed Affect
[it.]) (for example, an ego, superego or ego ideal function....);

consistency U (10, 4) (arrow over the parenthesis), one has a
(structurally open Affect [it.]) (for example, a 'becoming' animal,
child, vegetable, cosmos,,,,).'
(SC, pp. 65-6)

Once arriving at G's Tetravalent synapses, one is in the realm of the
tetragrams of the Tai Husan Ching (see Tony Smith's Physics page). It
has been said the the Taixuanjing is more personal than hexagram
readings from the I Ching, though for purposes of the Mechanosphere, we
are interested in DNA braiding and thought producing the molecules of
signal pathways that are susceptible to repetitious exhaustion and

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