[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

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The adoption to absurdity is exemplified in petroleum addiction, whereby
trillions of homothetic images become normalized.
If homology is similarity attributed to a common origin, Deleuze shows
the homothetic in LOS: the Colonizer places the significations onto the
surface3 of the earth as emblematic of its regime. Some of the prisoners
might like to see the French text of this passage in cyberspace.

Homothetic, Gk. theticos 'fit for placing'; orig. formed as French
homothetique -- more at thetic: similar and similarly oriented -- used
of geometric figures.

Guattari's homothetic is in at least two places, pp. 27 and 149 of SC.
G's p. 37 resonjates with D's use of it in LOS:

'Let me explain: for all times, and whatever its historical avatars
might be, capitalist drive has always knotted together two fundamental
components: one, that I characterize as deterritorializing, of the
destruction of social territories, collective identities and traditional
systems of value. The other, of the recopmposition, even by the molst
artificial of means, of individuated personological frameworks, schemes
of power and models of submission that are, if not formally similar to
those that it has destroyed, at least homothetic to them from a
functional point of view. It is this latter that I characterize as a
movement of reterritorialization.'
(SC p. 37)

For the Strange Male Phenomenon in chimpanzees, the female chimp from
another troop who crosses boundaries will be killed outright, With the
stranger-male, however, the situation takes on a more phantasmatic aura.
Thus in SC p. 65 Guattari says of the Bergsonian Triplicity of Flux....

'Trivalent Synapses result from the conjunction of two afferent tensors
and one efferent synaptic tensor. When the latter has a:

consistency F (91) [there is an arrow placed over the (91)], one has a
(systematically closed Effect[italics]) or an effect of enslavement in
the cybernetic sense (for example, a conditioned reflex system);

consistency (Gk. letter) phi (92), one has a (systemically open Effect
[it.]) or a system far from equilibrium (for example, the micro-social
systems in which family therapy and network practices endeavour to
(SC, p. 65)

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