[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

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Your "do perceive less" may be a clue to "flipside of fascism,"
whenever/wherever the latter term began to be used.
If both genders at Aleppo used eyeliner, then so did the fathers and
mothers, reinforcing Deleuze's suggestion for substituting the father
for the brother-sister.

Here is where the Guattari-Freud psychosomatic debate is resurrected,
because when adding the parameter of PTSD (Syrian Civil War and the
Sunni-Shia divide), we see a splitting of the genders.

A combined keyword search at Pubmed for 'left-brain[AND]ptsd' yields
only two references:

2013 Queensland / Jung Word Test 
'....within 3 seconds, the left hemisphere over-rides the right....' 

France / Trauma Recall
'....we included only women who suffered from civilian
PTSD....left-brain demonstrated decrease in secondary visual cortex....'

These studies invoke the question of repetition affecting somatic
structures themselves, because in PTSD one can deliberately invoke the
traumatic image or they can arise autonomously. The idea of "fascist
variation" resonates with the female PTSD civilian in the French study.

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>on my own path computed 'eye-pain' as 'flip-side' meant fascist
>variation on one flow, had a secondary fx that those whose mind-desire
>(GTarde) wraped or sucked, do perceive less, in a DG ethics of
>increase in perception. Aswell the dumezil god/king losing eye
>substitution or flip side, magic .belong to a determ.strata.
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