[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

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2017-02-21 3:25 GMT
                            "We have to take the "-ism" of terrorism
      seriously: it is a system" (69). This systemic, machinelike dimension
essential, for it designates an absence of will, of autonomously willing
agency, the illness of a will which I identify as desire, whose illness
mimesis. I would say its essence is
mimesis but for the fact that
contradicts any notion of essence, of any internal
self-sustaining identity. If there is a homology or structural
continuity between state sovereignty and secret agency, as between
deterrence and terrorism, it is because these forces are driven by the
same machine, the "desiring machine." This is how Deleuze and Guattari
designate human being, or being human, in the Anti-Oedipus, and this is
just why Girard views their antipsychoanalytic and ostensibly
emancipatory discourse as a "system of delirium."
                   (McKenna AJ, Violence and Difference: Girard, Derrida,

do some one knows in this server, if Plato has invented the notion of
by himself or is / was mimesis a notion coming from the society ofwhich he
was member?
:like if it had been invented by a corporate of Phidias?  --the bath of
immanence-- would say WIP?

does McKenna AJ, V etc imply here desire to be constituted a continuum,
i have personnaly not read Baudrillard, but it relates to "simulacrum",
and mimesis is strongly supported in the simulacrum essay of Deleuze, as
seen in 1961 appendix to LOS.

it thus look like to me that Plato 's invention of the concept of mimesis
(if that ever happened..)would have been a kind of codex(?) that has been
brought to the
posterity of intellect via his Philosophy?

as a foot note just mention that desire machine if a same, continuum,
would need be gone on the vertical axis of the agencies
composed of reterr.& deterr.
explored by DG in the Postulat du Language fourth Plato of ATP.,
(ligne de fuite-K)      is said to work
            "relays". but i Understand : McKenna speaks of a homology, a
structural continuity.
but i reckon this passage to "same machine" is somewhat nightmarish...

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