[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

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Vnutrennie amerikanskie kornevishcha: Kvebec ataka mecheti: Bissonette
eto imia Lakota, i risk vreditel'stvo k truboprovodu ozera.
Internal American rhizome: Quebec mosque attack: Bissonette is a Lakota
name, and the risk is sabotage of the Lake Superior pipeline.

www.biketheline.org, video: The Secret at the Bottom of the Great Lakes

'Creating a space for violent fantasies -- brutal deterritorializations
of the psyche and of the socius -- won't lead to miraculous sublimation,
but only to redeployed assemblages that will overflow the body, the Self
and the individual in all directions.
Sozdanie prostranstvadlia nasil'stvennoi fantasii -- zhestokoi
deterritorializations psikhiki i socius -- ne privedet k chudotvornoi
sublimatsii, no tol'ko dlia perepaspredelennykhassambliazhi, kotorye
budet perepolneniia telo, Self i lichnosti vo vsekh napravleniakh.

The great religions, apart from Islam, have an increasing insignificant
hold over the psyche, while almost everywhere else in the world, we are
seeing a kind of return to totemism and animism.
Velikikh religii, krome islama, imeiut vse bolee neznachitel'noe
uderzhanie nad psikikhu, v to vremia kak pochti vezde v mire, my vidim
roda vozrashchenie k totemizma i animizma.'
(Guattari, The Three Ecologies)

'But chiefest among all paradisiacal blessings was the one commodity the
desert as desert must always lack: water. Water, like air, is necessary
to life itself. According to the sacred Muslim law, the Sharia, you
needed water to wash before praying; and you had to observe the Sharia
had to pray, five times a day.Otherwise you would not reach Paradise
after death. This was the very reason, in fact, that Muslims called
their sacred law Sharia; literally Sharia means "the road to a watering
place," and thus "the path to Paradise." '
(Martin M, The Jesuits p. 150 

An assemblage of paroxysm is revealed when aligning chrons for 5 & 6
Nov, the former has already been shown as a doublet. This will involve
Edmund Burke's correspondence with Dupont, forthcoming.

In Melinda Cooper's The Silent Scream, Noonan mentions another Jesuit:

'Again, Noonan offers the following comment: "The slowly changing
attitude can be seen in the standard works. The most popular manual for
seminary instruction in the nineteenth century was the Compendium of
Moral Theology (1864 edition) of the French Jesuit Jean Gury. In
mid-nineteenth century Gury said, 'The fetus, although not ensouled, is
directed to the forming of man; therefore its ejection is anticipated
homicide.' In 1869, in the constitution Apostolicace sedis, Pius IX
dropped the reference to the 'ensouled fetus' in the excommunication for
abortion, so that the excommunication now seemed to include the abortion
of any embryo.'
(Cooper M, The Silent Scream - Agamben, Deleuze and the Politics of the
Unborn, in Deleuze and Law: Forensic Futures)

Zizek has stated that the most important 9-11 was the coup of Allende,
11 Sept 1973, the day after Operation Unitas, giving another paroxysm
for the trajectory. Indeed, the first water-boarding occurred a week
later in the newly-established concentration camp on Quiriquina Island
in Concepcion Bay. 

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