[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

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Thu Feb 23 16:18:50 PST 2017

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On 24 Feb. 2017 11:14 am, "Mike Lansing" <badger2 at mail2world.com> wrote:

> Taking necessary precautions in Schizoanalysis that question the Idea
> (Principle #8), we link the image of sharia to PTSD via
> rabies-virus-vectored optogenetic technique:
> '....virulent abstract machinisms --I'm tempted to say 'abstract
> viruses' -- that establish transverse, evolving, creative bridges
> between the different levels of biological, organic, cognitive, psychic,
> historical, but also physico-chemical , particulate, infra-particulate
> Assemblages. This is to say that its development is inseparable from the
> third mode of symmetry, which, for its part, works flush with the
> enunciative, deterritorialized, non-discursive and virtual matters.
> Which matters I have, once again, in distant reference to a category of
> contemporary physics, called 'internal irreversible dissymmetry',
> immediately putting us under the aegis of the striation of Universes.'
> (SC p. 158)
> Forthcoming, an amygdala-gray matter assemblage will link to post-Tokyo
> sarin attack PTSD, though here the rabies virus runs much the same
> trajectory:
> Rabies / PTSD
> http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23684554
> Water is then, the image of terror in rabies virus infection.
> 'Conversion conjures up hysteria and this is perhaps not far off the
> mark, because the way in which discursive chains in S(e) suspend their
> denotative function, adjunct to modules of being-there, and their
> expressive function -- in so far as it opens onto trans-finite Phyla of
> content -- does indeed seem to be similar to hysteria. One can see that
> these chains now incarnate, corporealize, ii I will dare say 'somatize'
> -- a non-discursive existentiality anchored in finitude. A delegation of
> being, an ontological simulation, the representation of an
> unrepresentable that is very different from the Vorstellungrepraesentanz
> of the Freudian drive. Through it, an existential-body-without-organs
> with neither distinct parts nor discernibilized external referent finds
> itself conferred with a proxy organicity, a borrowed soma.'
> (SC p. 144)
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