[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Thu Feb 23 17:11:53 PST 2017

Ghost-hunting on the somatic trajectory links to the hijab, no doubt an
apparatus that would prevent the entanglement of flying things such as
bats. In Klebnikov's Conversation with a Barbarian, the entanglement of

'Akhmed Nukhayev: "Chisto dlia stroitel'stva gosudarstva -- eto kak raz
to samyi put." '
(Klebnikov P, Razgovor s varvarom [Conversation with a Barbarian)

Nukhayev says "state-building," and the entanglements are also spoken

Russian put/t', 1) to tangle, 2) to confuse, mix up. Ru. puta/t'sia 1)
to get tangled, 6) to get mixed up with, get tangled with, to carry on
with a person of the opposite sex.

Ru. sam/yi, 1) used in conjunction with nouns, especially denoting
points of time or place, and with tot and etot, 'the very, right'; va
samoe vremia 'at the right time': s samogo nachala 'from the very
outset, right from the start': s samogo utra 'ever since the morning,
since first thing.'

The trauma was the 2004 Indonesian tsunami that at first, because of the
grammatism, was thought to be PTSD:

June 2005 Tsunami-Related Trauma
'There was a Babinski reflex of the right big toe....I wondered if she
was already suffering from PTSD....This patient slowly regained coherent
speech, then facial movement. She was seen in consultation by the
psychaitric service for evaluation and management of PTSD and
depression, and sertraline was started. Diagnosis: tsunami-related
aspiration pneumonia with lung and brain abscesses, probably

The Guattari-Freud debate on the somatic ghosts of neuronal circuitry in
schizophrenia, aphasia or PTSD might include the Tokyo sarin attacks,
for indeed the Ghouta rocket attacks came from the hills around
Damascus. In those same hills occurs the botanical chemistry of sarin
stabilizers, so there is thus far a mineral component for eyeliner at
Aleppo and a plant component for sarin chemistry at Damascus.

PTSD / Tokyo Sarin Attacks / Decreased Gray Matter
'....pivotally involved in attention, emotional regulation, and
conditioned fear, in the pathology of PTSD.' 

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