[D-G] Schizoanalysis: Sharia and PTSD

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Thu Feb 23 14:58:33 PST 2017

Taking necessary precautions in Schizoanalysis that question the Idea
(Principle #8), we link the image of sharia to PTSD via
rabies-virus-vectored optogenetic technique:

'....virulent abstract machinisms --I'm tempted to say 'abstract
viruses' -- that establish transverse, evolving, creative bridges
between the different levels of biological, organic, cognitive, psychic,
historical, but also physico-chemical , particulate, infra-particulate
Assemblages. This is to say that its development is inseparable from the
third mode of symmetry, which, for its part, works flush with the
enunciative, deterritorialized, non-discursive and virtual matters.
Which matters I have, once again, in distant reference to a category of
contemporary physics, called 'internal irreversible dissymmetry',
immediately putting us under the aegis of the striation of Universes.'
(SC p. 158)

Forthcoming, an amygdala-gray matter assemblage will link to post-Tokyo
sarin attack PTSD, though here the rabies virus runs much the same

Rabies / PTSD

Water is then, the image of terror in rabies virus infection. 

'Conversion conjures up hysteria and this is perhaps not far off the
mark, because the way in which discursive chains in S(e) suspend their
denotative function, adjunct to modules of being-there, and their
expressive function -- in so far as it opens onto trans-finite Phyla of
content -- does indeed seem to be similar to hysteria. One can see that
these chains now incarnate, corporealize, ii I will dare say 'somatize'
-- a non-discursive existentiality anchored in finitude. A delegation of
being, an ontological simulation, the representation of an
unrepresentable that is very different from the Vorstellungrepraesentanz
of the Freudian drive. Through it, an existential-body-without-organs
with neither distinct parts nor discernibilized external referent finds
itself conferred with a proxy organicity, a borrowed soma.'
(SC p. 144) 

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