[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

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PTSD eye-pain whereby the viewer is subjected to the pornography of
terror, yet survives the actual terror done to the Other, the victim(s),
exemplified in the rotting process within normalcy: trillions of images
of petroleum addiction injected into the collective daily will, in a
short time, appear as normal, constituting another aspect of stultified
flesh caught fast in the curare-resin of Jaba's Matrix. Left-side of the
brain for PTSD, variation on one theological State flow would medicalize
(pharmakos) the Beloved. Though we cannot cite the reference from
Musleman medicine, if the reader accepts that at one time, both sexes
wore eye-liner at Aleppo, and that the cosmetic itself included minerals
obtained from the Aleppo area, then the Russian model is invoked by
default: this eyeliner was worn as prophylaxis against trachoma:

Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry of Intraplate Basalts from the
Aleppo Plateau, NW Syria

Chlamydia / Platinum (article in Russian)
'Metod prostoi, otnositel' no nedorogoi i podkhodit dlia monitoringa
The method is simple, relatively inexpensive, and fit for population

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>on my own path computed 'eye-pain' as 'flip-side' meant fascist
>variation on one flow, had a secondary fx that those whose mind-desire
>(GTarde) wraped or sucked, do perceive less, in a DG ethics of
>increase in perception. Aswell the dumezil god/king losing eye
>substitution or flip side, magic .belong to a determ.strata.
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