[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Tue Feb 21 14:08:25 PST 2017


Thus eye-pain (the flip-side of fascism) resonates with the
> incest taboo and its exchangist pathologies.

translation, this palabra, @ this moment I handle,
as flow-producing some x new thing, not as regressing.
(or as retro-grading) (x+z)y & (x+y)z into x:>
i see it all in all as a performative equation.
i wonder how DG have come to conclude in AO that eye-pain was a flip-side
to fascism.?
but yur intervention allowed me to webbrowse in philip goodchild condensé
of AO-etc,
so, it stated some where near 'inscription' was 'not exchange', thus, could
exchange be translation?
may-be exchange, is not that pathetic then? inscription from that webbrowse
seems to be like code-decode in ATP.
do some one thinks that AO is more detailed than ATP in that (forgot how i
wanted to end the message)?
because DG 1)had an idea about 'regime de signes' that they wanted to
populate ATP, and had
to handle, get a hand at wielding these concepts,  so they wrote AO as a
way to tackle their ideas or 2)
they had to reach (alcanzar) an unknown in their equation, regarding
brother-sister-father metaphors.?

now i wonder if Benyamyn's aura is not multiplied by the computers,
i 've seen a nice 2Dtool at tweening notions and graphics,
and don't know if my shrink ought not pay me when i do a methexis (cfr
Guattari)with a computer-


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