[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

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D&G don't say that eye-pain was the flipside of fascism, though we did
first see the notion on the D&G list somewhere. We believe it was first
linked to Pasquinelli's essay:

Libidinal Parasites: Netporn and the Machinic Excess

Exchangist pathologies are mentioned along with Pasquinelli, here:

Communism of Capital
'....The Becoming Rent of Profit....Pasquinelli....'

How the eye-pain machine reproduced itself, regardless of the original
source. Victims of terror experience the flipside of the hedonism
described here:

'And what is his pain if not a pleasure for the eye that regards it, the
collective or divine eye that is not motivated by any idea of revenge,
but is alone capable of grasping the subtle relationship between the
sign engraved in the body and the voice issuing from a face -- between
the mark and the mask. Between these two elements of the code, pain is
like the surplus value that the eye extracts, taking hold of the effect
of active speech on the body, but also of the reaction of the body
insofar as it is acted upon.'
(AO, p. 189)

What is the value at the point of exchange? One trajectory on Benjamin
is in Hardt and Negri's Empire, though Guattari interjects that....

'no universal hermeneutics or political programming will be able to
claim to translate them any longer, set them in equivalence, or remote
control them so as to finally extract a common element easily
exploitable by capitalistic systems. A signifier does not decidedly
represent schizoanalytic subjectivity for another signifier!'
(MU p.197)

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>Thus eye-pain (the flip-side of fascism) resonates with the
>> incest taboo and its exchangist pathologies.
>translation, this palabra, @ this moment I handle,
>as flow-producing some x new thing, not as regressing.
>(or as retro-grading) (x+z)y & (x+y)z into x:>
>i see it all in all as a performative equation.
>i wonder how DG have come to conclude in AO that eye-pain was a
>to fascism.?
>but yur intervention allowed me to webbrowse in philip goodchild
>of AO-etc,
>so, it stated some where near 'inscription' was 'not exchange', thus,
>exchange be translation?
>may-be exchange, is not that pathetic then? inscription from that
>seems to be like code-decode in ATP.
>do some one thinks that AO is more detailed than ATP in that (forgot
how i
>wanted to end the message)?
>because DG 1)had an idea about 'regime de signes' that they wanted to
>populate ATP, and had
>to handle, get a hand at wielding these concepts, so they wrote AO as a
>way to tackle their ideas or 2)
>they had to reach (alcanzar) an unknown in their equation, regarding
>brother-sister-father metaphors.?
>now i wonder if Benyamyn's aura is not multiplied by the computers,
>i 've seen a nice 2Dtool at tweening notions and graphics,
>and don't know if my shrink ought not pay me when i do a methexis (cfr
>Guattari)with a computer-
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