[D-G] Freud and an Oedipus Complex

Mike Lansing badger2 at mail2world.com
Mon Feb 20 10:16:16 PST 2017

Two sources mentioned in AO: Leroi-Gourhan, Le geste et la parole and
Cartry M, La calabasse de l'excision en pays gourmantche. The latter is
the Gourma of Burkina Faso.

'Razve eto ne neobkhodimo dobavit' element tret'ev znaka: glaz bol,
pomimo golos proshlushivanie i ruka grafika?
Isn't it necessary to add a third element of the sign: eye-pain, in
addition to voice-audition and hand-graphics? '
(AO, p.189)

D&G go on, though we interject here that the tension was the question of
the father, though D&G do not specify who is doing the carving on the
flesh. Thus eye-pain (the flip-side of fascism) resonates with the
incest taboo and its exchangist pathologies. As to the Carver, drawing
the cartoon of either the young girl's father or her sister, cousin,
aunt, mother, etc. are delirious images even in Africa, a place in which
the genome is already seriously compromised by the over-spiritualization
of the socius.

Barbarians like us would translate "anterior" also to the somatic
function of the anterior cingulate cortex, a major link to PTSD, and in
this way resurrect Guattari's questioning of Freudian texts on aphasia.
Why? Because....

'V ritualakh kodovstvo patsient ne govoriat', no poluchaet skazannoe
In the rituals of affliction the patient does not speak, but receives
the spoken word.'
(AO, p. 189)

Barbarians like us would never pay a shrink to do an aphasiac imitation,
especially if the office has no windows. 

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