[D-G] Freud & an Oedipus Complex

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 09:19:14 PST 2017

Hello Mike,

I do not have a copy at hand of AO .
And I do not know what are DG 's source in this extract you have provided.
Is graphism like tattoos carved on a Young woman's skin?
Graphism and excision: are these signs of discontinuity, of suffering /
I do not understand with certainty most of the vocabulary used by DG in
this extract.
('inscription', 'graphism', 'fictitious voice', 'lineage', 'voices of
That is what I meant by "shallow", or 'rough as a quick mental note'.
I do not say such quick way of writing is erroneous,
yet I would say DG readers labour is subsequently to try to link such
uncertainties with data
towards a subsequent domain of understanding. Somehow we readers have
to compute notions (several times) back and forth,  between

1)anterior domain, or ie.DG reference mat.,
2)DG itself,
and (finally)
3)our subsequent domain(s)


My Best Regards,

2017-02-19 1:05 GMT+01:00 Mike Lansing <badger2 at mail2world.com>:

> Johnatan,
> The 'shallow' in the brother-sister assemblage Deleuze suggests for a
> father substitute resonates with inscription itself. Recalling that
> '....graphism supplants the voice and induces a fictitious voice.' (AO,
> p.188), D&G continue: '....The calabash of the excision is placed on the
> body of the young woman. Furnished by the husband's lineage, the
> calabash serves as a conductor for the voices of alliance; but the
> graphism must be traced by a member of the young woman's clan'(ibid. pp.
> 188-9).
> Regards, ML
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