[D-G] Freud & an Oedipus Complex

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The 'shallow' in the brother-sister assemblage Deleuze suggests for a
father substitute resonates with inscription itself. Recalling that
'....graphism supplants the voice and induces a fictitious voice.' (AO,
p.188), D&G continue: '....The calabash of the excision is placed on the
body of the young woman. Furnished by the husband's lineage, the
calabash serves as a conductor for the voices of alliance; but the
graphism must be traced by a member of the young woman's clan'(ibid. pp.

Regards, ML 

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>Hello. My name is Johnatan, I am originally from North Lancashire in
the UK,
>but have moved ten years ago, with wife and daughter of three, in
>Perpignan, South of France.
>I work in the plastic refurbishing of walls, I am so happy to do that,
>everyday with a unit team of 5 serious job-lovers masons, and I must
>everything runs smoothly,
>were it not for my wife, whose behavior with other masons I sometimes
>quite eccentric,
>and we had some verbal fights, about that, for some times now, so I
>been well advised by the City
>social workers to take up on a psycho-analysis session. So I happen to
>to talk with the local shrink,
>, There's no problem to that considering my faith. And my Wife seems
>for blithe about it.
>Quite at the contrary, here near Banyuls and Rivesalt, I stroll with
>connexion as a goal every four days a week. I only miss
>my Mentors way back from the Uni days.
>grew up a fancy in me to look for books I had relinquished since my
days in
>University, by authors diverse such as Hegel, Nietzsche , Freud,
>or ... Deleuze. extension of Psycho-Analysis understanding, and further
>construe with it. I distrust documentation on Wikkipedia, nothing beats
>reading off line, I don't do much (neither)
>with kindles and such. And that's why I put all my hopes of human
>knowledge in Mailing-Lists. so you know why i am here, enough with
>such talk, I go back to questions proper.
>-1) -I agree with Deleuze in CC, where he says that the Father Figure,
>needs to be substituted with a Brother-Sister Agenda Figure. He's
>addressing this as a notion both in BooksWriting, and in Life. Yet for
>reason I find this assertion slightly shallow. (like so rough as a
>mental note)
> -I also like that there's no need to assume, and veer into some logic
>assumptions. (same, CC)
>2) so that's why I have noticed to have localised in me an affect for
>Father. not the particular dad mind you, but the general dad. I track
it in
>me, and I can say, it's no Brother Figure, it's a Dad Figure, a bit
>Visage covering-wraping around the head of the particular men I meet in
>Perpignan. I Wonder what to think of that, as my Shrink, does not
>understand Deleuze, he being just a Doctor.
> 3)- what is actually Freud taking his inspiration from for his Oedipus
>Complex theory? I know: The notion of a subconscious in Freud, went
>in him from the start reading Nietzsche, and this via Lou Salome. But
>about Oedipus? Is it coming part from read Sophocles, and part
>epistemo-logic ground research of his youth? Deciphering the exact
>provenance of an Oedipus Complex Theory, might well help us better
>understand it , within a fresh gaze.
>4)- What are actually Deleuze & Guattari handling as an Oedipus "net"
>Visage, to wrap around particulars? I am thinking about Deleuze letter
to a
>harsh critique, where he states that his daughter is "triangulating"
>in a corner. How does an Oedipus relate to Triangles, such as Father,
>Mother, and Child? Why is it important, for Freud, or for Deleuze?
>Sorry I've just been jamming with the keyboards, yet I'let that sip in
>a while on the Mailing -List, and wait for your kindness, to retrieve
>sense of what I so ventured in the wild.
>My Best Regards,
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