[D-G] Freud & an Oedipus Complex

Johnatan Petterson internet.petterson at gmail.com
Thu Feb 16 05:40:51 PST 2017

Hello. My name is Johnatan, I am originally from North Lancashire in the UK,
but have moved ten years ago, with wife and daughter of three, in
Perpignan, South of France.
I work in the plastic refurbishing of walls, I am so happy to do that, and
everyday with a unit team of 5 serious job-lovers masons, and I must say,
everything runs smoothly,
were it not for my wife, whose behavior with other masons I sometimes find
quite eccentric,
and we had some verbal fights,  about that, for some times now, so I have
been well advised by the City
social workers to take up on a psycho-analysis session. So I happen to go
to talk with the local shrink,
, There's no problem to that considering my faith. And my Wife seems pining
for blithe about it.
Quite at the contrary, here near Banyuls and Rivesalt, I stroll with this
connexion as a goal every four days a week. I only miss
my Mentors way back from the Uni days.

grew up a fancy in me to look for books I had relinquished since my days in
University, by authors diverse such as Hegel, Nietzsche , Freud,
or ... Deleuze. extension of Psycho-Analysis understanding, and further
construe with it. I distrust documentation on Wikkipedia, nothing beats
reading off line, I don't do much (neither)
with kindles and such. And that's why I put  all my hopes of human
knowledge in Mailing-Lists. so you know why i am here, enough with
such talk, I go back to  questions proper.

-1) -I agree with Deleuze in CC, where he says that the Father Figure,
needs to be substituted with a Brother-Sister Agenda Figure. He's
addressing this as a notion both in BooksWriting, and in Life. Yet for some
reason I find this assertion slightly shallow. (like so rough as a quick
mental note)
   -I also like that there's no need to assume, and veer into some logic of
assumptions. (same, CC)
2) so that's why I have noticed to have localised in me an affect for the
Father. not the particular dad mind you, but the general dad. I track it in
me, and I can say, it's no Brother Figure, it's a Dad Figure, a bit like
Visage covering-wraping around the head of the particular men I meet in
Perpignan. I Wonder what to think of that, as my Shrink, does not
understand Deleuze, he being just a Doctor.
 3)- what is actually Freud taking his inspiration from for his Oedipus
Complex theory? I know: The notion of a subconscious in Freud, went rooted
in him from the start reading Nietzsche, and this via Lou Salome. But what
about Oedipus? Is it coming part from read Sophocles, and part
epistemo-logic ground research of his youth? Deciphering the exact
provenance of an Oedipus Complex Theory, might well help us better
understand it , within a fresh gaze.
4)- What are actually Deleuze & Guattari handling as an Oedipus "net" or
Visage, to wrap around particulars? I am thinking about Deleuze letter to a
harsh critique, where he states that his daughter is "triangulating" around
in a corner. How does an Oedipus relate to Triangles, such as Father,
Mother, and Child? Why is it important, for Freud, or for Deleuze?

Sorry I've just been jamming with the keyboards, yet I'let that sip in for
a while on the  Mailing -List, and wait for your kindness, to retrieve
sense of what I so ventured in the wild.

My Best Regards,

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